Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What I am Loving

It's Wednesday! YIPEE:)  You know what time it is...

I'm LOVING my new hair cut.  It feels so healthy and chic.  3 inches be gone:)

I'm LOVING this David Yurman Ring.  I am not the biggest fan of DY, but I want this ring.  I love the idea of adding different bands to your engagement ring and wedding band.  I have been wanting a gold one for awhile.  Maybe this one? 

I'm LOVING we are 6 weeks away from our San Francisco trip!
I'm LOVING Weight Watchers at Work.  I started last week and think it works great with my life.  It has taken a little bit to adjust, but overall I think it is a great plan.  Now I just need to get my butt to the gym more often.

I'm LOVING MG's Kickstarter is going live this weekend.  I am so proud of him and eager to see how his idea is received.

I'm LOVING Gossip Girl! I know most people are over the show, but it seriously makes my Monday nights just a little bit better:)

I'm LOVING fruit & vegetables.  I have to keep telling myself this.

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