Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mindset ;)

This was too funny not to share.  
Tomorrow MG are going to see a late showing of Isles of March. He asked me if I could stay awake that late.  I told him of course I can, I am watching my BF's movie.  It would be rude of me to fall asleep during his performance.  

We might be in a little bit of trouble if MG ever has the opportunity to direct Mr. Gosling.  I will be on set everyday starring.  No harm in that:)

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Lara {simply irresistible} said...

I'm engaged but I totally think I could check that box too. Whoops!

Whitney said...

love this!

Chelsea said...

Yep, that box is checked and I've got the same guy in mind as you do! I've learned I have to watch his movies with girl friends because I just ooh and aah the whole time over him. Guys can't handle it. Can't wait to see The Ides of March!

Melissa said...

you mean ides of march :) and i could check that box too. think we can share him?

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