Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oh Los Angeles....

Today marks our 3 year anniversary of living in LA! Ahh so crazy.  One of my favorite bloggers Jax posted this last week. I thought it would be fun to adjust it to what I thought life would be like out here...

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Setting 2008, just married {a few days prior}, we are on a strict schedule to make it across the country in 4 days for two reasons, first, we have to pick up our keys by 5 PM or we can't get in until the next day and second, the next day we are leaving for our honeymoon in Mexico for a week at 5 AM.  {Yes, this was very poor planning on my part!}

* Congratulations, you have lived out here for 3 years!  This is a major accomplishment since CA is such a transient state.  In this time you have seen friends come and go, but you stayed.  At first it was hard, much harder than you anticipated, but LA is now your home for the next 10-15 years or until you can afford to move to Santa Barbara.

*You survived a summer in the Valley!  It is hot. Dad wasn't lying when he really question why you wanted to move there in the first place {my answer was because it feels like a west coast version of Atlanta}.  He spent 15 long hot summers growing up there.

*Find a job will be hard since you moved out right as the economy crashed.  Temping will become your major source of employment for your first 6 months. You will HATE every moment of it, but just know there is something better for you out there.  Eventually you find it, put in your time, climb the corporate ladder and are right where you should be.

*Invest in a mattress & bed when you move.  Sleeping on a blowup mattress for 9 months is awful.  Just bite the bullet and buy things you need.  Don't wait for your family to move out and bring you your stuff.  They will be about a 1.5 years behind their ETA.

*You will make wonderful friends out here and then life changes happen.  It will be an adjustment to new things, but this will help you put your life into perspective.   It is at this moment in life where you and MG come to appreciate each other more.

*Family will visit and think you are crazy for living here-get used to it.

*Don't try to be anyone else besides you.  When you are down about yourself don't check facebook.  It doesn't help.

*You listen to Ryan Seacrest everyday on the radio and realize two things. 1. He very well could at least be bi because it is way too in touch with his feminine side 2. How does Ryan's Roses continue?  You have been using the same scheme to catch cheating men for 3+ years now?!

*Continue to be a supporting wife. You need to realize this doesn't happen overnight.  Being a director is one of the hardest industries to break in to.   MG will create his own opportunity and it will workout  You just have to practice what you preach.

*Some days you will hate living in LA and think moving back to Atlanta will  fix all your problems.  This is okay.

*People in the grocery store are mean.  Get used to it. Eventually you won't be scared to go to Target due to the massive amounts of people at 9 PM on a week night.

*This is your life. You can do anything you want to do with it.  Take it by the horns, live your dreams and never look back.

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Jax said...

This is so cute! I love it! :) And thanks for the little shout out, friend! :) I so agree about not checking fbook when you're down on yourself. Ooohboy does that NOT help. And a blow up mattress for 9 mos? You're brave.

Jax said...

And I am so proud of you guys for taking a leap of faith and moving out there. There are so many times I wanted to move, but I was just too scared to go alone.. or worried about money.. or or or.. a thousand reasons. I applaud you, friend. A lot.

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