Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mumble Jumble

Have I mentioned I am not a fan of Tuesdays?  I prefer Monday's much more.  There is something about starting off a new week.  Maybe it is new opportunities or the unknown for the week ahead.  To me Tuesday is just a day I can't get excited about.  Whatever.

Tonight I am attempting to make crock pot baked potatoes.  I have an absolutely awful record when it comes to making these, so much so that MG has told me to stop buying them at the grocery store.  It is just a waste of money.  Well thank you Pinterest, hopefully my streak of making under cooked potatoes will end tonight.

I started Weight Watchers 3 weeks ago and haven't lost a pound.  This is something I am not too proud of.  My goal is to loose 10 pounds by Christmas. I have 8 weigh-ins left.  I think this is something I can do, I just have to start working out more.  Two days at the gym and eating baked potatoes isn't going to show any results.
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Christmas is two months away.  YES! I can't wait to go home this year.  Most of the time I am like whatever when it comes to where we spend holidays, but this year I am really looking forward to spending time with my family.  I already got a Christmas party invite from my childhood best friend and her family.
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Obama is in town today therefore traffic has been AWFUL.  It doubled my commute this morning:(  One cool thing is that he went to Rosco's Chicken and Waffles, an LA staple.  We have been there once and it was perfection.  It definitely lives up to their reputation.

Barack Obama

I hope your Tuesday is off to a good start:)
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Ashley said...

Let me know if the potatoe recipe works ;)

Meg {henninglove} said...

i agree roscoe's is to die for! he always seems to come in during the most inconvenient times, why isn't a weekend ever doable for him?? and i want to know how those potatoes turn out too

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