Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What are you doing the rest of your life?

Three years ago today I married my best friend {and pretty much had the best wedding weekend ever-just a little bias}.  I know it sounds touche, but it is true.  I married my perfect match.  He knows how to annoy me to no end, but he loves me for me and accepts it {sharp tongue and all}.

Husband and Wife

When I walked down the isle three years ago I thought our life would be completely different.  I was pretty naive when we first got married.  I thought everything would be rainbows and butterflies.  Well folks, that is not always the case-sorry to burst your bubble.  Two days after we tied the knot we moved to LA with no jobs, a blow up mattress, 2 camping chairs and whatever else we could fit in my Accord coupe.  For us it was about following our dreams and seeing what else the world has to offer.  Our first year of marriage was un-glamorous to say the least, but we made the most of it with Friday night sushi night at Niko Niko in Burbank and dance parties in our empty apartment.  Looking back now we have come so far in just three short years.  It makes me completely optimistic for what the next three years might have in store for us.

My Sugarboo! 
Pretty much the motto for our marriage

MG there is no one else on earth I would rather be on this journey with.  Life may not always go as planned {which drives me crazy}, but as long as I have you by my side I know life will work out the way it should.  I love you!

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Anonymous said...

This is precious! I love that frame and the quote on it. It sounds like the of you have had a wonderful past 3 years of married life, even despite the hard times! I am engaged and cannot wait for all that awaits!



Jax said...

I love this! Your wedding photo is beautiful and your relationship sounds even more beautiful! :) Hooray for three years!

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