Monday, September 12, 2011

Never Say Never

When I first moved to LA I said I would NEVER live in or around Hollywood.  It is gross, crowded and overrated.  Well times are changing folks because MG and I are on the move.  Yep, after a lot of talking about it we are finally committing.  We are looking to move by the end of the year to either Los Feliz or Silver Lake.  

This will probably come as a shock to my local friends who read my little blog because in the past I have been a Westside Snob.  Well times are changing for a few reasons.

We went to a BBQ with friends who live in that area.  They just moved into a 2 bedroom with wood floors for about $400 less than what we pay now.  The $ that we would be saving in rent would help us pay off debt, so much so that we could be debt free in less than a year.

We will be able to travel more.  This is a big priority of ours for the next year.  Kids are about 8 or 9 or 10 years down the road {I will save my reasoning for another post}.  We want to see the world before we settle down and start a family.

A puppy!  I know this contradicts with #2, but we really want a dog and in our apartment now we can’t have one so we will have to move anyways.

MG’s best friends live in this area.  He is super fortunate to have built a great group of friends while at film school.  They are all passionate, hard working and like my brothers.  

The restaurants are better.  Most nights we cook because we don’t want to waste our $ on crappy meals.  When we move I will miss Deloris’ for sure, but we will be closer to The Griddle.  I would say that is an equal trade.

My commute would be cut in half. Major plus!

Our ultimate goal is to end up on the Westside again.  The 3 to 4 year plan is to be able to get a place in Venice.  The 10 year plan is to own a home in the Palisades and start a family.  {Big dreamer right here!}

This weekend we are starting the hunt.  Honestly, I couldn’t be more excited about this change.  

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