Friday, September 9, 2011


Friday should be happy, but this one just feels a little bit different.  With the 10 year anniversary of 9/11 on Sunday it has brought up emotions all over again for us Americans.  

Today my friend who works in NYC posted a picture on FB from her office window.  It overlooks the WTC memorial. 

None of us will ever forget that day.  
I was a Senior in HS in 2nd period Sociology with Ms. McGee.  We were in the computer lab that day researching professions we might be interested in perusing.  The bell had just run, Mel and I were walking out the door and Ms. McGee yelled, a plane hit the WTC in NY just a moment ago.  I immediately looked at Mel and said the US is being attacked and Osama Bin Laden is behind it.  It is still very weird to me that I immediately knew this.  There were stores of friends family members who worked in the building who made it out alive.  The whole thing was so surreal. 

MG and I already had a trip planned to NYC in November for Thanksgiving.  {Yes, my parents were crazy or very trusting to let the 2 of us go out of town by ourselves when I was still in high school.  His uncle had an apartment there and would travel to Paris every Thanksgiving.  He would leave it to us for the week. Yep, it was awesome!}  We were debating on going or not, but both of us craved to be in the city.  We wanted to pay our respect to the lives lost on that tragic day.  It was so emotional.  It was less than two months in so the clean up effort was very little.  One image that will always stand out in my mind was waiting in line and looking up at the trees.  There were blinds, shoes, cords and other random items stuck there covered in soot.  It was so bizarre.  

I would like to thank our troops for keeping us safe, our first responders who did exactly what they are trained to do without any hesitation and the American people.  We united as a country and it felt amazing to all be routing for the same team.  
Team America F Yeah! 
{I loved this movie and it is one of my favorite quotes and I wanted to end on a lighter note.}

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Mary and Dyer said...

I was in high school too and it is a moment I will never forget. I can't believe it has been 10 years. I also think it was great how united we became in the aftermath. Love USA!

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