Friday, September 16, 2011



I am over the moon happy we are just a few short hours {hopefully} away from the weekend.  
The past few days have been insane at work.
 I haven't been sleeping well. 
I am a little stressed about finding a place to live even though I shouldn't be.  
My sweet husband came home last night with a dozen pink roses and two bottles of wine.  
He knows me so well:)

This weekend we are venturing out to see what is available in Los Feliz or Sliver Lake.  Looking for apartments in LA is SO ANNOYING!  
Some come with parking some don't. 
Most places are super dated.  
One place I found online was great except for the mint green fully tiled bathroom.  Gross!  
I know we aren't going to get everything we want.  I keep telling myself it is one year of your life that you have to rough it so we can have everything we want in the future.  
Cross your fingers we find something perfect! 

Saturday night we are celebrating C's 30th birthday {and another friend bday} at the Standard Hotel Downtown at their roof top bar.  I can't wait for everyone to be together.  
I haven't seen C in weeks due to work and traveling:(  
I can't wait to see her baby bump.  
Girls Night Out at Sur 2 years ago!

The rest of our weekend will be consumed by football.  
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