Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

what i'm loving wednesday ~

*I am loving that it is Wednesday!  Half way through the week :)

* I am making myself go to the gym tonight.  I have come to terms that I might not loose any weight before the BIG wedding next week, but working out will make me feel good about my body.

* I love my new chambray shirt from the JCrew Outlet and I love the price too!
J Crew I Heart Chambray Shirt

* I love that in 7 days I will be leaving for good olde Alpharetta.  I can't wait to see my bestie walk down the isle, my family and Mellow Mushroom pizza.

*I really LOVE that we are narrowing down our options for Hawaii!  Seriously this trip can't.come.soon.enough!

*I am loving Celebrity Apprentice-lame I know.  Kind of sad Gary is gone.  He was pure entertainment.

What are you loving this Wednesday?
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LCR said...

yay for getting closer to Hawaii! and i have a shirt like this too, love it.

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