Thursday, April 14, 2011

I NEED This...

Spring has just hit Southern California!  This makes me very happy :)  Each spring/summer I start the great debate with Marco on getting a convertible.  I have wanted one since I was a teenager.  Why haven't I gotten one yet?  When I lived in Atlanta they were only practical a few months out of the year, I couldn't afford one at the time and my dad said they were a bad investment.  Well, now that I can make my own decisions {love you Dad!} I am seriously considering getting one for my next car.  Here are my top contenders:

In my dream world this is a very reasonable option ;)

The bottom two are probably my most viable bet with getting one even thought I don't think MAG would agree with the Mini.  So many people here have them and they are so cute.  Who knows maybe one day you will see me cruising up the PCH in my navy blue convertible with tan interior?!  Do you have a convertible? Do you love it or do you wish you got something else?  
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