Monday, April 18, 2011

I Hate LA Type of Day

My friends and I have a love/hate relationship with LA.  Most days we love living here, but every once in awhile we have what we call an "I hate LA day!"  This is typically caused by traffic, gloomy weather when it should be sunny, rude people in the grocery store or paying a ridiculous amount to live here.  What is causing my I hate LA day?   I don't want to be at work. MAG and I had a great weekend and I wish we just had one more day even though I love my job.  Not having a vacation day between Jan-May is a long time.  Corporate America, we need more vacation time!!!! You probably think the same thing.  Don't you wish one day we could be living the life we dream we deserve.  Until that happens you will find me in the ghetto of Downtown LA Monday-Friday where I am scared to leave for lunch because skid row is a couple blocks away. Awesome ;)

Hope you are having a fabulous Monday!
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LCR said...

agh! monday's are rough all over the globe- trust me:) hope Tuesday gets better!

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