Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting!

It is no secret my second love in life, after M, is college football.  I think most of my family and friends would agree to that.  My team is the Gators.  I have always loved them since I was a little kid and I just happened to marry a man with the same love.  His whole family went to school there.  Since the season starts on Saturday, I thought I would show you a couple of my favorite pins.  

Source: via Britney on Pinterest

Source: via Britney on Pinterest

College football is the most wonderful time of the year:)
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Christa Waldrop said...

yes, football season is the most wonderful time of the year! Great Pins! Happy Wednesday!

Significance or Nothing.

Kelly said...

I just moved to Austin for grad school and am so excited to go to my first UT game this weekend!

Lauren Thomas said...

my hubby and i looooove college football!
my question is this: how are you a georgia peach and a gator fan? Lol!!!

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