Monday, August 6, 2012

A Dream Vacation

This year M and I made the mistake of not going on a week long beach vacation.  
Insert major sad face here.
We both though long weekends away would cut it but that was not the case.
Like crazy people we are already planning our vacations for next year.
For years my SIL, her husband, M and I have been talking about going on one big beach trip together. 
Well this weekend we finally decided we are going to take the plunge and do it. 

Turks and Caicos
Source: via Carolyn on Pinterest
Source: via Carolyn on Pinterest
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British Virgin Islands
I want to be this woman right now!
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St John

St. Lucia
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I need your help!
We know we want to go to the Caribbean, but where?
Clearly there is no bad answer.
Our only requirements are an awesome beach and fresh seafood every night for dinner.  This shouldn't be too hard!
Did we miss some place where you had the best time?  Let me know.
The only places we aren't interested in going are Grand Cayman and Jamaica.
Been there, done that.


Danielle said...

I've been to the Dominican Republic and Nassau, Bahamas. In the DR we stayed at Dreams Palm Beach and I would recommend anyone and everyone to go there. We had SO much fun, the food was amazing, the entertainment staff was amazing. I do recommend getting the preferred club because they serve better drinks but it was all so much fun in the end. For Nassau, we stayed at the Sheraton, it was okay, just really expensive. I would spend a little more and stay at Atlantis or maybe Sandals, it's all-inclusive. You can do a booze cruise which is fun, and you MUST go to Señor Frogs. Its one giant party, like pouring free shots in you mouth party. They have them all over the caribbean. Downtown is fun, you'll get all your souvenirs there. Also, consider a cruise. Its your floating hotel and you get to visit more ports/countries rather than just doing a land based vacation. Also, sometimes they can be a little bit cheaper, especially if you have 8 or more people, you can get a group discount. I seriously recommend getting together with a travel agent and booking through them rather than trying to do it by yourself, it'll take the stress and pressure out of planning a vacation. You just tell them what you want and they put it together and show you your options. It's really nice. I'm a travel freak so email me if you need any tips or anything :) Can't wait to hear about where your going to go!

Clara Turbay said...

nice pics!

Caroline said...

It's not an island, but it's about 20 miles north of Cancun and it's an all-inclusive, adults only resort called Excellence Playa Mujeres. It's amazing. They have another location in the Dominican, but it's not as wonderful.

Jessie said...

I'm in the same boat. Getting ready to planour fall getaway!!

Sarah said...

How awesome! I loved planning our UK trip 1 year before we went. It made the whole year fun and full of anticipation =) I wish I could give advice, but I'll just learn from your experience =)

- Sarah

Amy Powell said...

we skipped our weekend beach trip this summer too, and I'm definitely regretting it!!

hope you have fun!!

<3 Amy

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