Tuesday, August 7, 2012


It's no secret I am pretty proud of my husband and today I feel like bragging a little bit.
He has made choices and taken risks that many people are to afraid to take.  He constantly tells me "We only have one life, we have to make the most of it!"  He was a semester short of graduating from Georgia State University when he decided he to transfer to film school and major in Cinematography.  He had to start all over.  I joke with him to this day that he could be a doctor.

In that four years made a name for himself at school and created friendships that will last a lifetime.  His senior year in college, last semester he went after the opportunity to direct a 3rd year film.  This is almost unheard of, but since no 3rd or 4th year directors didn't want to take on the role he went to the dean and asked for the opportunity.  He got it.

Goals for this Movie
Be nominated for a Student Academy Award

1915 from Marco Garcia on Vimeo.

After a month of prep, 4 days of shooting, a few weeks of editing he was finished.  The whole process completely took over his life as well as mine {even with me living in Atlanta at the time}. When people say we are crazy for trying to break into Hollywood I look at them like they are crazy.  I have never met anymore more determined to make movies their life and get paid for it.  A new chapter just started for us and I couldn't be anymore excited.  Get ready to see us walking the red carpet one day because it is going to happen.  There are no other options.

BTW he accomplished both of his goals.


Chelsea said...

This post is amazing and super inspiring! He really is SUCH an inspiration and so are YOU for always believing in him! I love what you said about how you look at everyone else like they are crazy... because they ARE! We do have this ONE and ONLY life to live. Why would we NOT try to accomplish our dreams?? Fingers crossed for you both! :) xo

Ashley said...

you guys get you some red carpet!! i love it....determination and perseverance are so sexy!! congrats to your hubby!

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