Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Valley

If you go back and read any of my posts from this time last year you will find out very quickly how anti-The Valley I was.  At that time we had been living on the Westside for about 1.5 years and were in love.  We loved being close to the beach, our friends, the Farmer's Market and it is so much cooler!

Well, friends times have changed.  After going back and forth for months on our next step we have decided to head back over the hill {in the middle of summer} and start a new life in Toluca Lake.  Most of our friends have left the Westside so we will be in between our two groups.  Marco and I are pretty excited about this next chapter in a 2-bedroom with a dog!  Yep, we are FINALLY getting a little French Bulldog!

Random Facts
Amelia Earhart used to live on our street
Bob Hope lived there for 70 years
IHOP opened their first location here in 1958
Fingers crossed I bump into Zac Efron, Denzel, Hiliary Duff or Ron Howard at the local Trader Joe's

Not going to lie, I am kind of excited about being closer to a Target, Nordstrom Rack, Olive Garden and our favorite sushi spot Niko Niko.



Stephanie said...

Congrats! I know you guys have been looking for a while so I'm sure you are excited to have a decision made!!!

Danielle said...

Seems like you're gonna have a good time in your new place :) Congrats!

Emily said...

that's exciting! although it could be VERY dangerous being close to Target and Nordstrom Rack!

Ashley Slater said...

so exciting!!!!!!!! so happy for you guys!

Jessie said...

Congrats! Those all sound like great reasons to move over the hill. I mean who doesn't want to love closer to a celeb. haha

Chelsea said...

Yayyyy! How exciting! 2 bedrooms and a dog?? Sounds like it's going to be a fun adventure and I can't wait to see who you bump into!! :)

Anonymous said...

OMG!! You're going to be my neighbor!! :) You'll love it back over here girl. And a new pup, how fun!

Kasey Lynne said...

That's awesome!! How exciting!

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