Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Summer Vacation

Sometimes I question myself as to why I didn't go into teaching.
Both of my parents are teachers and they have 5.5 days left of school and then are out for 3 wonderful months {well deserved 3 months}.  When you are a student you completely take advantage of your time off.
Now that I have been working in corporate America for 6 years I would kill to get summers off or even holiday in August.
My summers would be filled with... 

trips to see my family in Alpharetta


sitting by the pool

lounging by the beach

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reading good books

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catching up on Mad Men

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moving to a new apartment

try new recipes

What would be on the top of your summer vacation to-do list?



thecoffeehouse said...

you and me both. i went into higher ed. i get the salary of a teacher and have to work summers. hmmmm.

Danielle said...

Mine would be to travel anywhere! Which i'm doing actually. Also, finish my workout DVD's. I'm lagging so bad :

Nadine said...

I feel the exact same way! Why didn't I take advantage of my summers more when I had them? I would sit on the beach reading good books all summer if I could.

Emily said...

i totally miss having summers too! those sound like wonderful summer plans!

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