Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday's Letters

Taylor {4}, Marco {18} and myself {15} in Boca, FL for Spring Break in 2000
Sorry for the horrible quality
Dear Marco, I hated dropping you off at the airport last night, but it was nice to sleep in the middle of the bed last night.  I hope you have a wonderful time home with our family.  Dear Taylor,  Today you graduate high school!  Congratulations your leaving the bubble.  As much as you want to leave {I did too}, it is one of the best places in the world-always remember that.  Dear Weekend,  It's just you and me.  I am kind of excited.  I have my to-do lists planned out by day to keep busy.  Tonight I have a rocking evening of Chick-Fil-A and cleaning.  Don't be jealous:)  Dear Julie, Can't wait to see you tomorrow!!  Dear Mom & Dad, Enjoy your last day of school and a well deserved summer break.  Dear  Work, Next week you are going to kick my ass.  Please go by fast and let me meet Claud!a Sch!ffer.  Dear Facebook,  I really don't like that you went public.  There is something about Zuckerberg that I don't trust.



★ JASMINE ★ said...

hey girly! i saw you over on ashleys page! {newlyweds} and wanted to say i love your blog!

lovely letters as well! and am now your newest bloggy friend/follower/stalker ;)

say hi back sometime? <3

Danielle said...

Is it bad that I've never had Chick-Fil-A? :/ They're opening one down the street from me though!

Lissa @ The Looking Glass said...

CHICK.FIL.A so obsessed!!!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Chick Fil A! Love it! Found you through the letters link up! So glad to be your newest follower!

Amber Epperson said...

Found you through Ashley's site too! Love the letters. =)

Ashley Slater said...

I hope you and Julie have so much fun, Marco will me back before you know it! Enjoy stretching out in the bed! haha


Jax said...

Hope you had a good weekend all to yourself to get things done! :) I totally agree about fbook....

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