Wednesday, August 17, 2011

White Girl Problems

I go to an Aveda training salon for highlights/low lights and trims.  I have been going their for 3 years and been happy.  I have never been one to pay a lot for my hair so this was the perfect solution.  Well my friends, the time has come that I cut ties with my salon with good reason.  They ruined my hair.

I thought I was in good hands.  I rarely have the same stylist twice because they are students and I always request one at the senior level.  My first red flag should have been the fact that my stylist and another student were socializing the entire time my colored was being applied.  When it was time to rinse she insisted she apply a toner.  Typically I hate the way toner makes my hair look because they always match it to my brown hair {which I don't get highlighted}.  I let her do it-my mistake.  We get back to the chair and she starts to comb my hair to a middle part.  On one side of my part it is completely bleached out (the foils bled) and the other side has 2 predominate highlights.  I begin to freak out.  An instructor comes over, drys my hair and tells me 9 foils bled and they are going to have to recolor the areas.  I agree because I want my hair to look good.  Another hour in the chair, wash, trim and blow dry and I am ready to walk out the door livid.  I feel like I paid $ for them to ruin my hair!  It has been a week and I am still so unhappy.  Seriously I was up until past midnight thinking about my stupid hair.  I must go to a salon this weekend so I can feel like myself again, blond!

This is what I want my hair to look like, I mean this is who I want to look like ;)
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Britt said...

Haha. I have the same problem! They always turn my hair orange. I went to the Aveda Institute last year and had two girls highlighting my hair so each side of my head looked completely different.

Anonymous said...

Yikes!! I hope you get it back to normal :)

Lawfrog said...

Good to know. I have considered going to Aveda, but I think I will skip it. Sorry they ruined your hair, I hope you were able to get it back to normal.

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