Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Farewell Bar Method

Today is my last Bar Method class :(  I knew this day would come eventually, I just never knew how much I would be sad about it.  It is a little too expensive on my pocketbook therefore I am headed back to the gym and beach for my runs.
This is my running route, right under the palm trees. Pure bliss!

When I first started I was awful.  My name was being called during every move "square your shoulders," " tuck your seat," "straight leg." Each time I could see and feel my body getting stronger.  When I didn't think I could do 30 more tucks while in a water ski position I pushed through it.  I have come to realize my abs are stronger than I thought they were which gives me even more motivation to get rid of the layer of belly fat.  My legs feel leaner, I sit up straighter and feel good about the way my body is starting to look.  Obviously this makes me very happy!

During the 30 day package I managed to go 20 times.  If you are thinking about trying BM and dropping weight I would recommend alternating days with cardio.  I only ran once in the 30 days.  I know I am going to regret this tomorrow for sure when I hop on the treadmill.

Today when I stepped on the scale I had lost a total of 4 pounds using BM with eating around 1500 calories per day.  During this past month I have come to realize I don't need to eat as much as I used to and when I do it enjoy it.  For the past 6 weeks I have been counting calories.  Some people don't believe in this or don't want to be a slave to it, but I enjoy seeing what I put in my mouth.  Weird? Maybe.  This method helps me plan to make better decisions for that day or week.

Overall today is bittersweet.  This is the first program I have completed and seen results.  It keeps me motivated for my next goal: long distance running.

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Melissa said...

way to go girl! you'll enjoy the change of going back to the gym and running, and so will your body! so proud of you for working hard!!

Anonymous said...

You're a rockstar for going to BM so much!! I'm in awe :)

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