Wednesday, May 18, 2011

So What Wednesday

I always love reading these, but always have a hard time thinking of my own.  Today obviously there were no issues!

So what I am so excited it is Wednesday.  Only 2 more mornings I need to wake up until the weekend. YES!

So what I haven’t worked out in a month.  I am no where near ready for the beach but that is why cute cover-ups are made.

So what we probably aren’t going to Hawaii.  Plans change and spending an arm and a leg to go on vacation will only cause me to stress when we get back.  Therefore we are only spending what we can afford in CaboJ

So what if it drives me crazy when I have more than 30 emails in my inbox at work.  Everything gets filed and color coded.

So what if I am a horrible cook, I am trying to learn.  Honestly the last thing I want to do when I get home is make dinner.  Sometimes it is bad-really bad.

lovely picnic look
So what if I got a little annoyed watching the Gossip Girl finale?  There is no way Serena knew who David O’Russell was and he offered her a job like that.  
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LCR said...

loved these so what's on this sweet wednesday:) Good luck on your home made dinners... and i'll join ya in your cute coverups and blogging instead of going to the gym! yess.

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