Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Hawaii Dilemma

Last year MAG and I decided we wanted to go on a dream vacation with some of our couple friends.  Our destination: HAWAII!  

For months we had been talking about this trip, looking at places, check out flights and me talking about it a lot.  Well life changes.  One couple moved across the country and another is prepping for another life change.  So we were the only two soul survivors left.  For the past few weeks we have been looking at our options, pricing things out and have come to realize this trip is going to be expensive.  Like $4500 expensive!  Your first thought would be could we do it cheaper?  The answer is not really.  

Flights are $800 per ticket
A condo or nice hotel for the week is about $1300 
Rental car $300, food & drink $700-$1000, 
Activities $500
Total=around $4500   

Yep, that is a lot of money for a week vacation in paradise.  Is it worth it? Yes, but not right now.  I don’t feel comfortable spending an arm and a leg and then be stressed about how much money we spent when we get back.  That isn’t any fun!  

So what to do now?  We want to go some place tropical.  We want to go some place we have never been before.  We want to go somewhere for about $2500-$3000.  Honestly we didn’t have very many options so we have decided on Cabo in late August/early September.  To be honest, I am pretty excited about this trip.  We found an amazing all-inclusive in our price range, plane tickets are cheap and I get skymiles {just a few hundred short of my free ticket!}  


I think I am handling this very well-since I am a planner and all.  It could have pitched a fit but at the end of the day I know what the right decision is and we are still going on vacation.  And yes, I will have a cocktail or two for you at the swim-up pool bar ;)

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Lauren said...

oh wow you will have so much fun in Cabo! I've always wanted to go. Hawaii will happen someday, waiting will make you appreciate it even more when you make it there! :)

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