Thursday, July 19, 2012

Friday's Letters

You know what time it's FRIDAY!
I know you have seen this on every blog, but it fits my mood today!

Dear Weekend: I am ready for you!  It has been a long week.

Dear Atlanta: I could be more excited to see you next week.  Four glorious days home with my family, drinking wine, catching up and driving on wide lanes.  Hurry up and get here already!

Dear Sully:  You finally arrive Tuesday.  There is someone in my house named M who couldn't be more excited for your arrival.  Please don't get into too much trouble while I am gone.

Dear Hot Yoga: You are my jam! I am looking forward to starting a membership and see the results that incur.

Dear M: Great ready for a weekend in the OC, your favorite place {sarcasm}!  I can't wait to see what the life of a real housewife is like, even if it is only for the weekend.




Michelle said...

Hot yoga hey? Im intrigued! Have a fab weekend x

Nicola Purkins said...

Found your blog through ashley's link up, am rather new to fridays letters and have such fun reading through everyones :)
Love your blog :) newest follower nic xxx

Sally said...

Found your blog via the link up - love your letters!! I have always wanted to try hot yoga, seems pretty intense!! Have a great weekend my friend xoxo

The Pink Growl said...

What is hot yoga??? it sounds awesome! Have fun in ATL this weekend!

Ashley said...

Ahh I so want to try hot yoga, but I'm being such a baby about it. So many people seem to love it-- maybe I'll give it a try soon. Happy Friday, girl!

Ellen A. said...

I've always wanted to try hot yoga... maybe I'll find a class somewhere. Have a great time with your family in Atlanta next week!

Danielle said...

I seriously need to do hot yoga. I live in the OC :) Have fun!

Katie said...

i've always wanted to try hot yoga!

Lauren @ Pink on the Cheek said...

I seriously LOVE hot yoga. It's so fun and I love sweating so much. I really feel like all my calories are falling to the floor! hahaha. Where in SoCal are you?? I am in Irvine:)

Jessie said...

I give you credit for doing hot yoga. I can't even do regular yoga & the thought of doing it 100+ heat doesn't sound fun to me at all!

Sarah Rogers said...

Love your letters!


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