Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Angeles National Forest

This past Saturday night Marco and I joined 6 of our friends and went camping.  Of course I was the token girl.  Originally we were planning on going to Big Bear, but our group got too large so we split into two.  One there and one in the Angeles National Forest.  We had a blast cooking, hanging out, talking about movies-the typical stuff we do when we are together.

The Jeep is all packed and ready to go!

Setting up our home for the night

Tarp Teamwork so we don't burn to a crisp

Playing with filters while Marco enjoys his Jameson, stay classy babe

Sing in his Ghetto hat

A succulent growing between two boulders!  so cool!

Hanging out by the campfire 
Greg enjoying his ravioli in a can

Hanging out watching Magic Hour and the moon rise

Sunday we stopped in Wrightwood, a cute desert/ski town

The way to end a great spur of the moment getaway with a shaved ice!
This was our first time desert camping and we had a blast.  We want to plan a couple more camping trip for the fall.  Suggestions are welcome!



Ashley Slater said...

"stay classy babe" hahah! aw, I wish we could have gone camping with you guys! looks like you had fun, you are so cute in the picture next to the campfire! have a great 4th britt!


Anonymous said...

How fun!! I loved camping up in Big Sur and down closer to us in Carpinteria and San Onofre

Kasey Lynne said...

My hubby LOVESSS Jameson too. I'm sure he would've done the same thing ;)

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