Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What I'm Loving

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I'm LOVING a week from today I will be boarding a flight to Atlanta for a week!  There is something about this year where I am super excited to go home.
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I'm LOVING Marco and I splurged on Kanye & Jay-Z tickets.  The show was unreal.  Best concert either one of us had ever seen.  The energy in the room was insane.  Rumor has it they will be collaborating again this spring on a Watch the Throne part 2 album.  Please, pretty please:)

I'm LOVING my boss is in Hong Kong this week.  It gives me some time to get ready for the new year, plan travel and take a little me time before the holidays.

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I'm LOVING that I have lost 10 pounds since July.  Monday I went to the doctor for a routine physical.  This pretty much made my week!

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I'm LOVING our holiday party is this weekend.  My company goes ALL OUT.  This year we will have the best food trucks in LA, the In & Out truck, games for the kids, employee giveaways and they are raffling off a 2011 Toyota Prius.  You have no idea how much I want to win that.  It is my dream car.  I would only have to fill up once a month!

I'm LOVING I am getting my hair highlighted this weekend.  The skank roots are starting to show a little too much.

I'm LOVING my husband!  I am a totally worrier and stress about the small stuff.  He completely balances me out.  Without him life would be one big ball of stress for me.
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Julia Miller said...

I love my husband for that reason to, I worry about everything. Have fun at home.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fabulous week! I wish I had a fun holiday party to attend :)

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