Thursday, December 8, 2011


Marco and I are HUGE Tebow fans!  Marco was there at the very game when Tebow was introduced into the college football world.  UF vs Vandy.  The Gators were up by enough TDs and Urban decided to put in Tebow.  During his first drive he threw an interception.  Needless to say M wasn't very optimistic about our new backup QB.  Well of course all that changed.  We saw the Gators play multiple times in the Swamp over the next 4 years and loved every minute of it.  2 National Championships baby!

When it was time for Tebow to enter the pros we were 100% supportive  and didn't believe in all the drama surrounding his throw or his style of playing.  He is a winner and will do what he needs to do to win games.  Personally I think he is a great pheno for the NFL and any team should be lucky to have him.  Of course I am completely bias in every sense of the word.

A couple weekends ago M and I drove down to San Diego for the day to enjoy a nice day of football.  The first half of the game was pretty boring, but in true Tebow style the team found a way to win in OT.

Marco in the best shirt there,
"John Elway wears Tim Tebow Pajamas"
One of his best friends is from Boulder and bought this for him when he was first signed on.  Thanks Spence!

John Elway

Tebow and Quinn warming up

Pure Awesomeness:)

The winning field goal in OT

Us at the game, 50 yard line, 6th row!

The score says it all:) 

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