Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I have a very important question to ask you...
Are you a dreamer?
Do you dream big?
My entire life I have always dreamed of living a big life.  A few months ago my mom came across of a poem I wrote in 5th grade.  It was in this poem where I stated that I would be a bigger actress than Julia Roberts {insert barrel of laughter here}.  Well, that hasn't come true and I don't act, but I have always been all about dreaming big.

One night a couple years ago Marco and I had some friends over, late in the evening and about 3 bottles of wine in I made everyone come up with one word to describe everyone.  Mine was dreamer.  When we moved to LA I had more stars in my eyes than Marco did.

I think Marco balances me out.  He is a realist.  As you can imagine this sometimes gets annoying with me when I just want him to let go a little and dream.  His dream is to win the John Cassavetes Award for best first time director.

The way I look at dreams is that they do have the potential to become a reality if you put your mind to it.  For some people it means to get married, own a home, have kids and enjoy their job.  To me that is a great dream.  Unfortunately, my husband dragged me out to Hollywood and my dreams have only escalated since our arrival.

Now is the part where I share my crazy dreams with you...

Own and run a successful production company with Marco
See my name in the credits with Executive or Associate Producer next to it
Be a mom
Adopt at least one child
Drive a Bentley convertible 
Travel the world while working on films
Own a home in the Palisades 
Attend Sundance/Canne/Tribeca/Toronto Film Festival each year
Be friends with Jay-Z & Beyonce, Posh & Becks, Kanye, Gwyneth & Chris
Be able to travel home more than once a year
Have Rachel Zoe dress me for the Academy Awards

Yes, I know these might seem crazy to some of you, but in my mind I can actually see most of these turn into real life.  Call me a dreamer, optimistic whatever, I don't care.  There are too many bad things going on in the world, I would rather put my time and energy into dreaming about what could be.

So tell me, I'm curious, what are your dreams?

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Anonymous said...

I love it!! Dream big sister!! :) I think LA is a place where many dream big, but keeping at achieving those dreams can be difficult, so keep at it!

Julie @ The Smitten Mintons said...

This post is amazing! As are those dreams of yours! Can't wait to see it all come true! :)

My dream has always been a small one- to be a mom, a stay-at-home mom! But I recently added another one to the list- make a difference in animal rescue. I'm not sure in what form, but I just want to save as many as I can!

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