Thursday, December 1, 2011

Feels like Friday

What a night!  Did you hear about the crazy winds last night in Southern California?  It was crazy.  Typically our weather is the same every day, pretty boring, but last night was insane.  The winds are supposed to start again this afternoon.  Fingers crossed I will be able to get home at a reasonable hour.

Last night I started wrapping Christmas presents.  Our tree looks so much better with gifts underneath it.  I am hoping to complete our shopping this weekend.  I want to enjoy our little apartment all decked out before we have to ship out our gifts.

I feel like I have been going, going, going since the beginning of November.  I can't wait for a relaxing, quiet weekend filled with Christmas movies, baking and cuddling.  Too bad it will have to wait one more weekend.  Of course this weekend is jammed packed.

Marco LOVES Jay-Z & Kanye West.  I would have to say I am a pretty big fan myself.  They are coming to LA and just announced a third additional show.  We finally got tickets.  My husband is like a little kid right now.  He is so happy!
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I am betting that my friend, C, has her baby early.  She is due 12/27, when we are out of town.  I will be heartbroken if I am not here when baby Decker arrives.
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Do Thursday's always feel like random post time?
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Anonymous said...

Those winds were insane!! I'm hoping that I get home before they start up again too. Stay safe :)

Mrs. W said...

I saw the wind story on the news this morning, looked crazy! It feels like Friday for me as well, too bad it's not :(

Jax said...

Thursdays are definitely random post time! :) And I feel ya on having lots going on during the weekends.. sheesh. I had no idea about those winds! Yikes! Those are Oklahoma style winds when we have crazy storms! Glad you guys are ok!

Ashley said...

totally heard about the Socal dad grew up in San Pedro and one of the big roads just caved there a couple weeks back. insane! Hope youre area was all damage free!

and how awesome is that concert going to be! minus his stealing t-swifts thunder moment, i die for some kanye!

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