Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Work Event Recap

Last night MAG and I attended an event for work at The Standard Hotel in West Hollywood.  Overall I must say it was okay.  Just okay?  Yes, because the crowed wasn't really my type.  The party was put on with this magazine.  It's a hipster mag and that is totally fine.  Our brand caters to a lot of different type of people.  When I categorize myself I don't fall into that hipster style.  Let's be honest here, I dress super preppy.  JCrew is my favorite & my biggest fashion risk is wearing silver glittery Toms.

On to the celebrities.  I saw a few people who I recognized, but nobody I would freak out over.  Kanye was definitely my biggest celebrity sighting of the day.  Here are a few pictures from last nights event.

Richie Rich

Debi Mazar

Keri Hilson

Vampire Diaries 

Overall it was a fun evening and I am thankful I was invited.  Can't wait to see what invite comes next!  And I guess you all know where I now work?!  Please don't write anything on my blog about it.  I would like for my company to not know about what I do in my spare time. and it will pop up on Google Alerts:)  Thanks!!

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