Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Out Of It

For the past few days I have been out of it.  I would typically blame the time change, but it started on Saturday so I am not sure what's my deal?  This past weekend was pretty low key.  Just the way I wanted it.  Friends came over Friday night for Chinese and drinks.

Saturday went to Tender Greens for lunch {yummy!} That evening we went to Nobu for dinner with MAG's sister, uncle & brother in law.  Dinner was AMAZING!  If you ever have a chance to dine there do it-you won't regret it.  MAG's Uncle was in town for one night before a meeting in Cabo so he wanted to take us out.  He love Nobu and dines there whenever he can.  Needless to say we didn't open a menu.  He just ordered for us.  We had 2 bottles of wine and endless food.  I know I am hyping this up but it was truly the best sushi I have ever had.

Sunday we went apartment hunting, so you would think we are moving right?  Well, not quite yet.  We both really want to get a dog but finding a dog friendly apartment in LA is hard.  Especially on the westside where we live.  It is actually really annoying because we live by a park and the beach-plenty of space to walk a dog.  We are starting to look now and will hopefully move by fall.  Both of us can't wait to add a new addition to our little family.

Sorry no pictures...honestly, I wouldn't want to bore you with those.  Nothing exciting happened this past weekend:)

Top 2 Random Facts About You

1. I am obsessed with my hair and skin.  I know a lot of girls care about their skin & hair, but I am obsessed with how soft mine is.  I am always playing with my hair to twirling it {when I am at home}.  If my hair isn't soft one day I get annoyed.
2.   I wear jeans everyday.  One of the perks of my job is that I don't have to wear dress pants.  This might be one of my favorite things about my job:)

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