Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Do you ever....

..have days that you are just annoyed with life?  That you feel sorry for yourself when you have no valid reason to?  Well I am having one of those days.  Not too sure why:(  My morning started off a little bumpy, but once I got to work everything has been fine.  I wish I had more willpower to get out of the bed in the morning so I wouldn't be so frantic, but I love those extra 5 minutes.  Anyways enough whining!

This past Sunday some friends and I ventured out to Hollywood {this is a very rare occurrence}.  If you have every been to H-Wood then you know it is not a place you want to hang out unless you are going to a club.  One week a year it is clean for the Academy Awards. Just about everything in Hollywood is fake.  Okay done ranting! We went to Five0Four for a Crawfish boil.  Our close friend is from Louisiana so the culture has rubbed off on us and really any reason to day drink on a Sunday with friends is a good thing.
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Jax said...

Those pics are SO cute! And um.. yes, I had one of those days yesterday where I whined and was basically in a funktastic mood for no reason... haha.. I kept putting it in perspective and trying to shake it but I just couldnt!

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