Friday, March 18, 2011

Sad :(

I hope ya'll had a nice St. Patty's Day.  Ours was interesting.  Yesterday my sister-in-law texted me saying they wanted to get together.  I told her that I was really tired from a busy week and just wanted to be at home.  We went back and forth for a little bit and deiced that we would touchbase later in the day.  Fast forward to about 7 PM.  I received a text saying that they really want to come over.  We were not into it, but one drink, would that really hurt us?  Nope, especially if we didn't have to leave our apartment.

They arrive around 9 PM.  We talk for a little bit and then Allie says she has an announcement.  I blurt out, "You're pregnant!"  Everyone laughed because that might be the #1 question we get asked all the time from our family member when we say we have an announcement.  I digress.  She says no, they aren't pregnant, but they are moving home. {Insert Britt's sad face here :( } This did not come to a shock to MAG and I at all.  We have known for awhile that they aren't happy here and I totally understand, LA is not for everybody. What did shock us was when they are planning to move home, MAY 9th!  That is less than 2 months away.  I didn't cry, I wasn't surprised, I just kind of sat there.

This is the right move for them.  I told them that they are their own family now and what MAG & I think doesn't matter.  It has to be right for them.  The saddest part about this whole thing is we will never live by one another again.  Some may think, never say never, but I am pretty confident that we will be out here for at least 20+ years.  This is our home now.  No going back to good old Alpharetta.  They are in the process of buying a fixer-upper condo.  Both of them are obsessed with HGTV so this makes sense.

When I was driving to work today "Touch of Grey" by the Grateful Dead came on.  The song started to make me cry about the situation-not 100% sure why, but it did.  Allie has been such a big part of my life since I was 14.  We are best friends even though we fight like sisters, we lived together in college and both had dreams about moving to Hollywood.  What makes me the most sad is that she won't be able to experience this adventure with me.  MAG is going to do great things and I am going to be able to reap the trophy wife rewards {note sarcasm here} and she won't be here to experience it with me.  In the words of the Grateful Dead, "I will get by."  Now if Corey leaves me I am screwed ;)

On a happier note, my boss is taking MAG and I to the Lakers Game tonight.  We have floor seats!!! I hope to sit next to Leo, Becks or Jack.  How cool would that be?!

Note: If you know Allie and are FB friends with her. Please don't say anything yet.  They are not finished telling everyone.  I wrote this because I knew it would help me sort through my feelings.
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Jax said...

:( Sorry about your sis in law leaving! :( Major boo...

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