Monday, February 4, 2013

Overwhelming Happiness

Last week at the office was crazy-town which left me no time to blog, hence the unintentional blogging break. 

On Friday we had an all-staff meeting and our new family member were introduced.  Since we are about 6 months behind it was my turn to get up and introduce myself.  I knew it was coming and I was terrified.  Like most people I have a fear of public speaking.  We were about half way through and Blake called my name.  I immediate turned red as I was walking to the stage, but something happened, my co-workers erupted in applause.  I looked at Blake and the look on my face probably said it all, I was shocked.  He said, “They don’t even applause for me like that anymore!” 

I got up, introduced myself, answered a couple questions and was done.  Afterwards I was complete overwhelmed at how welcoming and supportive everyone was towards me.  It is yet another reaffirmation of knowing where you are supposed to be in life.  Each and everyday I am so blessed for my wonderful job.  This is apart of the plan God has for me.  I can’t wait to see what he has planned for my future.



Emily said...

applause? that's awesome!!!

love that quote...perfection.

Kasey Lynne said...

LOVE that rule. It's so true!
They all applauded for you??? That shows how much you've made an impact there so far. That is so awesome Britt!! So happy for you girl.

Now, hook me up with some Toms ;D
totally kidding!!

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