Friday, February 8, 2013

Always be Beyonce

Dear Fifty Shades of Grey Casting Agent, Will you please just pick someone.  I am sick and tired getting Google alerts saying so and so this and that.  I know it takes time to make a movie, but an update her and there would make this chick super happy.  Dear Runyon, This week you are going to be conquered by Katie and I.  We can’t wait!  I feel like hiking you is an LA staple so I can’t wait to cross you off my list.  Dear Work, You flew buy this week and I thank you for that, truly.  Dear Homeland Season 2, I found out today you don’t come out on DVD until August 28.  Do you know how flipping long that is?  I am not the most patient person so if anyone has any suggestions on how I can gain access earlier please let me know.  Unfortunately we don’t have Showtime.  Dear Circuit Training, You sure know how to kick my ass and I love you for it.  Keep it up.  I have about 4 months to get into tip-top Cabo shape.  Dear Friends, Don’t forget to check out my giveaway.  Click here for your chance to win a pair of limited edition T0MS!  They are fab!  



J and A said...

I love that beyonce print! And I agree with the cast of Fifty shades!! Geeze!! Happy weekend.

The Pink Growl said...

4 months is plenty of time for Cabo shape - you can do it girl! I'm giving myself 2 months to get in good lake shape...I might be underestimating myself. Happy Weekend!

Katie D said...

I hear ya on the 50 shades of Grey thing!! Just makes the dang movie already!!

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