Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Just Another Day

I am a firm believer everything happens for a reason.  You might remember a post a few months back about M being offered an opportunity to work for one of his idols as his assistant to his next film.  Well yesterday as we were watching Bama cream ND this popped up in my email box.  

Needless to say both our jaws dropped and it was once again a re-affirmation that he had made the right choice.  
Another crazy thing happened to one of my co-workers last week.  He was driving to work and saw this guy face down on the sidewalk.  {There are homeless people all over Santa Monica so this is nothing new.}  He stopped his car because he wanted to make sure he wasn’t dead.  As he surveyed the situation the guy rolls over and who is it?

He was so wasted he passed out on the sidewalk, facedown!  Who does that?  I had completely forgot about the story until it popped up on Perez Hilton a couple days later. 

Just another day in crazy-town!



The Pink Growl said...

WOW that's awesome!

Jax said...

Whoa. That's bananas! Way to dodge a bullet and that's insane about Mr. Facedown wastey faced. Sheez. Stuff like that doesn't happen a ton in Tulsa town, so when JB was in concert here the other night, apparently there were some stories about his..ahem.. antics at local establishments. Most follow rumors that have surfaced in the news recently. I'm like "Kid, you can't do that in Tulsa and expect people to not notice.."

Allie said...

WOW! I am a bit behind on my Blog Lovin' emails and I just read this post! I cannot believe MR dropped from Cinderella!! I guess all things do happen for a reason....

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