Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Christmas Recap Part II

This year I was especially glad to be home because my dad retired from teaching just a few days before we arrived.  After over 25 years in the classroom he decided he was done.  My mom and I decided we should celebrate at Dante’s Down the Hatch in Buckhead.  When my parents moved to Atlanta 33 years ago my dad was one of the managers here and my mom waited tables.  We had never been as a family and decided this was the perfect place to celebrate.  We sat on the ship and listened to the jazz band play, Dante made his rounds to all the tables and it was fun for my parents to reminisce about the old days.  Overall it was the perfect way to celebrate my dad’s next chapter in life. 

As you can imagine the balancing two families that live less that 20 minutes away from one another during the holidays can be a pain, BUT the gods were on our side this year and everything worked out perfectly. 

Christmas Eve we spent at M’s aunt & uncles house with his family, about 20 people.  We drank wine, ate yummy appetizers and played Dirty Santa {a game I absolutely hate!} 

Later that evening we went over to my parents house drank more wine {see a theme here?} and played Just Dance Hip Hop.  This has become a sisterly tradition each Christmas.  We have so much fun acting like idiots.  We stayed up way past our bedtime and were all a little hung over on Christmas morning.

Waking up with your family on Christmas morning is always so fun.  The past two years we have woken up with M’s family so this was a nice change.  It was a T0MS Christmas for everyone.  M & I loved the new knife set and sheets we received.  Clearly we are old.  In the early afternoon we were off to the next house, M’s parents.  We had a wonderful Christmas celebration with them and then my family came over for dinner.  It was a wonderful celebration.  Very chill which is exactly what we wanted.


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Allie said...

Such a great holiday!!! Will you please email me that group pic of the 4 of us from my house and the Xmas eve pic of Brock and I???? Thanks B!!

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