Friday, December 21, 2012


Woke up this morning feeling fabulous!
Ashley isn't doing the link-up until the new year, I just feel this is such a fun way to wrap up the week, so here we go...

Dear Atlanta, This evening we will grace your with our presents and I couldn’t be more excited about it.  To see friends and family over the next week makes my heart so full!  Dear Allie & Brock, I feel like I am going on a home makeover show when we arrive at your house tonight.  Knowing you completed your guestroom just in time for our stay means the world to us.  It will be so nice to have a home base for our stay this trip.  Also the rental car is awesome too.  Best sister {in-law/husband duo} ever!  Dear Mom, Dad, Sandy, Steve, Rebecca, Kristie & Taylor, I am so looking forward to our dinner tomorrow night.  The evening will be filled with amazing drinks, food, laughs and perfect company.  I know tomorrow night I will feel completely, totally blessed.  Dear Self, Remember these moments.  Dear Delta, Please keep M and I safe as well as everyone else traveling this holiday season.  The world doesn’t need anymore tragedy.  Dear Santa, I’ve been pretty blessed this year, the number one thing on my Christmas list this year is for M to have the opportunity to make his movie.  I know  God has a pretty fabulous plan for us so I am willing to be patient.  We are ready for whatever he has planned;)  Dear Zero Dark Thirty, You exceeded my super high expectations! 2 hours and 40 minutes flew by!   I was blown away by Jessica Chastain's performance.  Seriously hand this girl an Oscar now.  Ms. Bigelow you killed it again.  I love that you are a woman directing big, bad war movies.  Seriously inspiring! To my friend,'s always fun seeing your name in the credits:)  



The Pink Growl said...

Safe travels girl! Merry Christmas!

Mrs. W said...

Love that picture! Safe travels.

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