Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Bucket List

Can you believe it is December already?  In 18 days M and I will be boarding a flight to Atlanta to spend the holidays with our families.  This year I am super excited about our trip because we will be staying with my SIL at her beautiful home.  It was hard making the decision to not stay with our parents this year, but I think this will be good for our siblings and us.   Night caps anyone?

Between now and December 21 our weekends are packed and I love it.    Here is our Christmas bucket list:

-Decorate our tree
-Drink hot chocolate while watching Christmas movies
-See the following movies: 
Silver Lining Playbook
Life of Pi, Hitchcock
Zero Dark Thirty
This is Forty
The Impossible
On the Road
{it always bugs me the good movies all come out around this time}
-Day Trip to Santa Barbara
-Christmas Cocktail Party
-Dinner at Bottega Louie’s with girlfriends
-Celebrate sweet Decker’s 1st Birthday
-Venice Canal Holiday Parade
-Drink lots and lots of champagne
-Buy the perfect PJs for Christmas morning
-Dinner at our favorite restaurant in Atlanta, Noche in Virginia Highlands
-Sisters only dinner
-Lunch with the Grandparents at Long Horn
-Spend lots of time laughing, drinking and being merry! 

What is on your holiday to-do list?!



The Pink Growl said...

Sounds like it will be so fun!

Jax said...

This sounds fantastic! I am SO looking forward to seeing Zero Dark Thirty. I loved the Hurt Locker and knowing it's from the same person makes me so excited to see it!

J and A said...

I like drinking lots and lots of champagne. :) I'll do this too and think of you! :)

Allie said...

Brock and I CANNOT WAIT to spend major time with you guys over the holidays. Our house is currently warm and cozy and will only become more so with you two added to the mix. Hooray for the holidays!!!

Shio Waline said...

I wish I could make a Christmas bucket list!! Buuuuut.........I totally suck at lists :( I have a bad tendency of not completing them! But I LOVE yours!!


Kasey Lynne said...

Ooo! I've always wanted to go to Bottega Louie's! Let me know how it is if/when you go!

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