Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday's Letters

California Christmas

Dear Weekend, I am beyond ready for you!  It is going to be jammed packed with Christmas fun.  Saturday night we are hosting a Christmas Cocktail party.  Looking forward to the champagne punch and cookies galore.  Hopefully Sunday we aren’t hungover because we are planning to do some Christmas shopping in Santa Barbara.  The perfect day trip.  Dear Atlanta, Only 14 days until I get to see you!  This makes my heart so happy.  Dear Family, I can’t wait to play Santa on Christmas morning.  I have some fun surprises for you and no we aren’t expecting.  Dear MP, You’re getting married tomorrow!  I wish M and I could be there to celebrate with you and AB.  I am sure it will be the most beautiful wedding ever.  The Boston Public Library isn’t a shabby backdrop.  Dear Core Fusion Challenge, As much as I wish I could say I am kicking ass I am not.  Between long work hours and staying up past my bedtime most nights I haven’t given you the attention you need.  My hopes are to start this in January.  Who was I kidding starting a new workout routine the busiest time of the year?!  #idiot Dear M, How glad are you that we didn’t go to Boston this weekend-rain.  Dodged a bullet there.


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Jax said...

haha.. I love the "and no, we aren't expecting.." We got a new dog and I almost called the post "our newest addition" and then realized how everyone would take that and then be very disappointed. They don't even seem to care if we're married yet. They just want babies. Ain't.happenin.yet. :)

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