Monday, September 24, 2012

Random Weekend Mumblings

Here are some pretty flowers for you on this beautiful Monday morning!

 The Emmys=unimpressed
This should be my favorite award show of the year considering how much TV I watch, but I was a little underwhelmed.  The fashion was okay.  The speeches were okay.  Jimmy Kimmel was okay.  Nothing really wowed me this year except for Aaron Paul’s finance.  She is beautiful!

Hot, Hot, Hot
This weekend was hot again.  I am so over the 80+ temps on the weekends.  M and I basically sit in front of the fan, take cold showers and eat popsicles while watching football.

This weekend was one for the books.  M was in bed by 8 PM on Friday night.  I slept until 3 PM on Saturday.  I guess our bodies were trying to tell us something.  Jealous of our fabulous weekend?

Healthy Eating Habits
I think working with skinny girls all day M-F is starting to wear off on me.  Yall eat hummus with veggies, fruit, limited meat intake and rarely drink.  Honestly the last part really impresses me.  Is this what I need to do to look like a skinny mini? If so I am in.  We stocked up on healthy foods from Ralph’s and TJ’s this weekend.  My running shoes are under my desk.  I am ready.  Operation no more jiggle is in full effect.



Lauren said...

SO unimpressed by the emmy's...SO BORING. and can it be a cool 70 please?! it's fall for crying out loud!

Catherine said...

haha, "operation no more jiggle"... That made me giggle!!


Kai Mercado said...

I agree about the Emmy's AND Aaron Paul's

Kristin said...

I work in the opposite kind of environment. It's so hard to NOT eat all the stuff I come into contact with at school. (And I always gain weight when I eat too much hummus, because I REALLY go overboard on it :)
Good luck Britt!

Kristin :)

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