Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What I am Loving

Wednesday! YESSSS! 
Tomorrow is my Friday so I am desperately wanting this week to pass by quickly.

I'm LOVING that we will be spending this weekend in SF!  A couple co-workers of mine are from there and have given me the lo-down on where to explore.
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Where we will be dining on our first night!

I'm LOVING the ball is rolling for our Sonoma trip in the Spring.  
Wine + our oldest couple friends + wine + husband  = an epic long weekend {Yes, I used the word epic. who am I?}
One of the many weekends at UGA

Camping in Indiana Memorial Day 2007

I'm LOVING Tonight is the Night and I'm Good, I'm Gone they are both on repeat in my office.  
To all my GA friends Lykke Li is performing this weekend in Buckhead. I would totally go if I still lived there.

I'm LOVING my new Kendra Scott earrings.
Jeanine Dangle Earrings in Watermelon

I'm LOVING Thanksgiving is right around the corner!

I am lucky enough to hang out with this crowd next week.

I'm LOVING I maintained my weight this week at Weight Watchers.  Phew!

I'm LOVING RHO{insert city here}.  They all crack me up.  I even make Marco watch them. He loves it;)

I'm LOVING our local paper gave Marco a full page article on The Ocean Black.  It hit news stands today.  

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Mrs. W said...

Love those earrings!!! Have a wonderful weekend. SF is on our to do list, I'll have to get the scoop of your favorites.

Joelle said...

San Francisco is one of my favorite places ever! I know I'm going to sound like an uber dork saying this, but you should go to the California Academy of Sciences while you're there. It's the most amazing science museum I've ever been to, and I'm not a science person...they have the world's largest digital planetarium and an accurate rainforest habitat that you walk through. Plus penguins. And their cafeteria is award winning {plus, they grow some of their food on their roof}. Okay, I'm done. But you should really go :)


Holly said...

I love those earrings, and I saw epic all the time! :P

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