Monday, March 4, 2013

PTI & Tacos

Saturday night M and I decided to try Blue Plate Taco in Santa Monica.  If you are ever looking for a place to eat while you are visiting the westside any Blue Plate restaurant is a good choice.  You won't be disappointed.  Our meals and drinks were delicious.  The lobster tacos=amazeballs!  

We were sitting next to this older couple and when M got his tacos the gentleman commented on how wonderful they looked.  We started making small talk with them and we came to find out he worked for ESPN for 17 years and created one of our favorite shows, PTI as well as Around the Horn!  Both our jaws dropped to the floor.  He hired one of my celebrity crushes, Michael Wilbon.  

He now creates content for the NFL network.  He and his wife were absolutely lovely to chat with.  I love how you never know who you are going to sit next to or meet when you go out in this city.  It is yet another reason why I have grown to love this town.  


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Lauren said...

lobster tacos?! i have never been there, but will be checking it out ASAP

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