Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Two weekends ago some co-workers and I made the treck up to Mammoth for the weekend.  It was my first time to this tiny ski town and I loved it.  We were welcomed with fresh powder which is always a plus.  Although we didn't ski, we spent the weekend hanging out, drinking, dancing and bonding.  It was an amazing weekend that I wish I could re-live again.

On the bus ride up.  We were a little excited for 7 AM.

Riding the gondelas up to the mountain

Night one at the Tiki Bar

My work bestie and I on the second night.


Lauren said...

ok!...i just figured this out...you work with my very good friend's brother's fiance! what a small world!

Emily said...

love that last picture of you! sounds like a really fun weekend! i don't ski, but the idea of going to a ski town and hanging out with friends sounds just as nice! :)

Allie said...

So glad you had a good time!! I'm dying to see those videos!!

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