Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Eat Pray Love

Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert changed my life.  It came out when I was getting ready to move to LA and I was scared.  I quit my job, moved home and was waiting tables.  I felt like I had the entire world at my fingertips.  As I was reading I found myself highlighting passage after passage; I just couldn’t get enough, it became my anthem.  Although I’ve only read it once and I despise the movie {not a Julia Roberts fan}, this book will forever be apart of shaping my early 20’s.

"You have more good luck than anyone I've ever met. You will live a longtime, have many friends, many experiences. You only have one problem in life. You worry too much. You always get too emotional, too nervous. If I promise you that you will never have any reason in your life to ever worry about anything will you believe me?

For work, you do something creative, maybe something like an artist, and you get paid good money for it. You always get paid good money for this think you do. You are generous. Also one problem. You will loose all your money once in your life. I think it will happen soon."

M knows my dream 40th birthday present is a mini Eat Pray Love trip with my girlfriends.  Ahh what an amazing gift that would be!



Something Infinitely Interesting said...

Love that book! The movie did not do it justice!

The Pink Growl said...

confession: I don't really like the movie. Or rather, I don't connect with it. I've tried to watch it several times and cannot get all the way through it. I need to read the book!

Ashley said...

you make me want to read this book despite only seeing parts of the movie. i love that you had a book that inspired you...i had a movie - very similar situation!

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