Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Talent

I've never thought of myself as one with many talents so I almost thought about skipping today, but why not challenge yourself to think outside the box.  One thing that I'm very proud of is that I'm very good with people.  I guess you could call this a talent?!  I recently took a personality test called the Birkman and I scored in the 99th percentile relating to people in groups and 62nd percentile when relating to individuals.  My Executive Mentor said this means that I really, really, really like people.  I laughed out loud when he told me this because one of my favorite memories is waiting tables {yes, I know a lot of people hate it}, I absolutely loved it.  I loved getting to know my customers, it made me really happy.  

In the next few weeks I will go more in depth about my Birkman experience.  It is truly amazing what I've learned about myself.


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