Friday, September 27, 2013


Five years ago today I walked me down the aisle to meet my now husband at the alter. 

Five years ago we said our goodbyes to friends and family.

Five years ago we left for a world unknown and I couldn’t be more grateful.

In five years we’ve made a pretty nice life for ourselves.

In five years we’ve made amazing friends who have become our new family and made this journey worth it.

In five years we’ve grown up from naive 20-somethings to being more realistic about our journey.

Thank you M for asking me to marry you.  
Thank you for taking me out of the bubble.  
Thank you for constantly supporting me in each venture I peruse.  
Thank you being you, I am eternally grateful for you each and every day.

I love you babe!



The Pink Growl said...

awww happy anniversary!!

Tess said...

How darling :) Happiest anniversaries to you two!

Kasey Lynne said...

Awww happy 5 year anniversary!!

Chris, I.e., Mom said...

One of my favorite days ever! Love you two.

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