Wednesday, July 17, 2013


This past weekend we got a call from M’s parents asking if we wanted to meet them in Carmel in a couple of weeks.  Of course we jumped at the chance since we haven’t seen them since Christmas. We’ve never been and to say I am over the moon excited would be an understatement.  Carmel has always been a special place for me because it was where my mom was born.  I’ve grown up hearing about how magical this charming city can be.  I’m looking forward to long dinners with bottles of wine and great conversation, checking out the boutiques, walking around the town, looking at the storybook houses and spending time with the people I love.



Sarah said...

Oooh let us know how it goes. I live in the bay area and was thinking of taking the hubs there for a weekend. We haven't been either. Have fun!

Chris said...

Oh, how I wish it was the six of us over that bottle of wine. Have a wonderful time and appreciate the essence of it all.

Chris, I.e., Mom said...

And, may I add. I am thrilled you are up and blogging again. You are a delightful writer!

Kasey Lynne said...

My husband and I just went there for our one-year anniversary. It's such a beautiful town..we didn't want to leave. Can't wait to hear how fun your trip is :)

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