Monday, July 30, 2012

Dollar Dollar Bills Yall!

Today I am linking up with The Bargain Blonde on "How I make that money honey!"
I work in fashion and can honestly say I never, ever, ever saw this on my career radar.  I went to Georgia State University and majored in Business/Hospitality.  I had huge dreams of planning events/weddings, but when the economy crashed there wasn't a job in site.  

M and I had just moved from Atlanta to Los Angeles and knew no one.   I signed up with as many temp agencies as I could praying for full-time work.  After working odd jobs for 5 months I got a call looking for a long term temp as a Receptionist.  I took it before they told me the name of the company.  Three years later I am now the Executive Assistant to the Chief Operating Officer!

I really, really like my job!
Yes, not every day is a great day, but there are more good than bad.
My days consist of lots of scheduling, travel and organizing someones life {which can get pretty stressful}.
Some days are super busy, some days not so much.
Working for a $5 Billion dollar company has a lot of perks.  
We have an onsite store, cafe, an unreal holiday party and Lady Gaga's eyebrow waxer once a month for onsite appointments.
Our talent pool is amazing and you never know who is going to email you or walk through the doors.
The founders have lots of famous friends so you never know who you are going to see on campus {Hi Kanye!}
We throw fabulous parties, in-store events and employee appreciation days.
Yes, we get an employee discount.
Yes, we do have to wear the clothes, but not head to toe.
I do work in the ghetto of Downtown LA which is probably the worst part about my job.
The best part about my job is I get to see first hand how decisions are made from the very top.  A lot of what I learned in business school I can relate to real life.  It makes my college degree seem worth it!

I have to tell myself sometimes when it gets crazy stressful that we are not curing cancer here, we make jeans {although some would disagree}.  

Thursday, July 26, 2012

If you really knew me…

Age 5 rockin the visor
Roswell, GA

+You’d know I could eat pizza at every meal.

+You’d know I am cheap, but always feel like I am broke. How does this happen?

+You’d know I text my husband the most random stuff throughout the work day.

+You’d know I am 28 years old and just started bushing my teeth before bed.

+You’d know I wish I was kind of famous, but if you asked me in real life I would deny, deny, deny.

+You’d know maybe I just want the lifestyle of the rich and famous without the fame.

+You’d know when M and I were dating in HS & college I was a little on the psycho side, but he still loved me.

+You’d know I believe God doesn’t give you more than what you can handle.

+You’d know I am an open book.  You ask me and I will tell you the truth.  No sugar coating here.  This has gotten me in lots of trouble.

+You’d know I like being me.  Imperfections and all.

+You’d know I love it when people complement me on my skin.  It is my best feature.

+You’d know diets don’t really work for me.  My sweet tooth is just too strong.

+You’d know before M came into my life I was the most rotten brat.  I don’t know how my parents dealt with my teenage years.

+You’d know I am very opinionated when it comes to politics. 

+You’d know growing up my sisters and I didn’t get along.

+You’d know I blame the brat title on my mom for always saying I was her miracle child.

+You’d know I am obsessed with my husbandJ


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Home Sweet Home

This afternoon I am off to Alpharetta to spend the weekend with my family.
Totally bummed that M couldn't make this trip, but it will be great to hang out and enjoy the humidity.  

+On the agenda+
Mellow Mushroom
Pool Day
Family Birthday Party
A luncheon in my honor 
Drinking wine on my parents porch


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Orange County

The blog world is so fascinating to me.  
When I try to explain it to friends and family they kind of look at me funny and are amazing that I have actually made friends this way.  

This past weekend one of my blog friends turned real life friend, Julie, went out of town.  Her and her husband live in the OC in a house with an amazing backyard. They are parents to a boxer, Maisy and 2 cats, Pepper and Diego.  We had such a fun weekend pretending we owned a house, having our own pets, checking out the OC and dreaming about living here one day, Balboa to be exact!

We spent Saturday morning at the Spectrum dining on Red Robin and people watching.

Walking around Balboa Island and came across this guy.  We were convinced the owner worked on Jurassic Park.

Each house was more amazing than the next.  Towards the end of our walk we found our dream home.  Yes, it is massive, but worth every dime.

Sunday we played Putt-Putt at Boomers.
M Tebowing after his hole-in-one!

We had such a fun time playing.  We figured out the last time we played was 8 years ago!

M ended up winning, but I did get back to back hole-in-ones!

Doug and Julie thank you so much for opening your home to us.  We had so much fun being mommy and daddy to the kids.  M and Maisy bonded big time!  

Monday, July 23, 2012

JCrew Must Haves

If you were to look in my closet it would be no secret what my favorite store is...JCrew!
Most of the items have been purchased on sale, but each time a catalog appears in my mailbox I circle and star the items I can't live without {even it I can't afford them}.

Since summer never really hit Santa Monica I am craving new items.  It feels like I have been wearing the same outfits for the past 9 months!

1: The pink gingham shirt with dark jeans would be a staple in my wardrobe minus the glasses

2: Mint green dress=perfection

3: This chevron shirt might be a little out of my comfort zone, but it was too cool to not incorporate.

4: The bracelet. I die.

5: Love this color for pumps

6: In HS I had these cords. Now I am wishing I saved them and could still fit in them.

7:  This is the perfect outfit for me this fall {but minus the glasses again}


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Friday's Letters

You know what time it's FRIDAY!
I know you have seen this on every blog, but it fits my mood today!

Dear Weekend: I am ready for you!  It has been a long week.

Dear Atlanta: I could be more excited to see you next week.  Four glorious days home with my family, drinking wine, catching up and driving on wide lanes.  Hurry up and get here already!

Dear Sully:  You finally arrive Tuesday.  There is someone in my house named M who couldn't be more excited for your arrival.  Please don't get into too much trouble while I am gone.

Dear Hot Yoga: You are my jam! I am looking forward to starting a membership and see the results that incur.

Dear M: Great ready for a weekend in the OC, your favorite place {sarcasm}!  I can't wait to see what the life of a real housewife is like, even if it is only for the weekend.



Design Star

I could look at home decor blogs for hours.
I know what I like, but I could never do this for someone else.  I don't have that talent.

Design Star on HGTV is coming to an end and it makes me sad.
It has been my favorite show this summer by far.
From the very beginning my favorites were Britany and Danielle.
Challenge #1: makeover a room in their new living quarters
Bedroom by Britany and Mikel
The bright pops of color make me happy.

Challenge #1 by Danielle and Luca
I love the gray and blue together with the framed wall!

Challenge #2: The White Room
The Gold and Black look so regal
Challenge #4: Transform Indoor & Outdoor spaces for real homeowners
A chevron wall?  Yes pleas!
Challenge #5: Hollywood's Birthday
Art Deco
Challenge #5
Hollywood Glam

Challenge #6: Kitchen
Britany & Danielle combined their talents on this one and I mean, who wouldn't want this kitchen?!?

Challenge #8: Design a luxurious Yurt
Challenge #8
Who do you think will win their own show?

Team Britany
{and no it isn't because we share the same name}


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Britney Spears

It is no secret I am a HUGE Britney Spears fan! 
 I remember the first time I saw "Hit Me Baby One More Time" on The Box with my sisters.  
We were infatuated and have remained so since.

Last night I saw the first promo for The X Factor featuring her.  
I squealed like a little kid when she came on to the point M gave me a strange look and then started to laugh uncontrollably.   
I do what I can:)

Today on FB Brit Brit and her team posted some pictures on her at the auditions.  S
he looks FABULOUS! 
September 12th can't get here fast enough!

I loved LA Reid last year, but I am sure Brit Brit will take the top spot as my favorite judge. 

Sexy Momma!

You can't deny how amazing she looks!

Loving the cut of this dress

I am still dreaming that one day Justin & Britney will get back together.   


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

CorePower Yoga

I hate to compare myself to someone who's job it is to be fit, but  she looks good and yoga {+ running} is how she got there!

Last night for the first time I tired hot yoga.  For the past 6 months I have been trying to work-up the courage to attend a class.  You see, taking fitness classes in LA can be intimidating for a newbie like me {it was also a great excuse}.  It seems like everyone is in shape, active and good looking.  I guess it is the nature of the beast? 

I am not in great shape; I could use to lose about 20 or so pounds.  When I tell M this he looks at me like I am crazy. The truth is when I am in clothes I think I look fine, but when I am naked it is a whole other story.  I hate the giggle on my arms, the way my inner thighs touch, the soft belly, the butt that needs to be lifted just a little

After month and months of debating if “this will be the week.”  I finally just did it and boy am I glad I did.  It was hot, hard, intense, wonderful, fulfilling.
  I kind of kicked myself a little because I wish I had gone sooner.  

I am hoping this becomes part of my lifetyle.  I can't wait to see what my body can do!  

Are you a yogie?  Have you tried it before?  What are your thoughts?


Monday, July 16, 2012

Saturday Afternoon Drive

This weekend M and I finally crossed something of our California bucket list: 
Driving up the PCH 
We started in Santa Monica, through Malibu to Ventura.  
Being on the edge of the continent makes me feel like I am a LONG way from home.  

My driver for the afternoon


Famous Biker Bar, Neptune's Net

My dad's favorite place to surf when he lived here in the 60's
County Line

My handsome husband

+we saw a movie being shot+
+crowds and crowds of people trying to get into Paradise Cove+
+seagulls galore+
+a possible spot for drug hand offs, it was great {sarcasm}+

All photos taken with my iphone via PicFX app

Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday's Letters

Happy Friday Dolls!  
As always, here are my letters for the week.
Link up with Ashley here!

Dear Pink Peonies, I am officially obsessed with your style! I have birthday money burring a hole in my pocket. All I want to do is buy clothes and put together pretty outfits.

This outfit has pretty much become a staple in my wardrobe!

Dear Allie {my amazing sister-in-law}, I love you more than words can say.  You are my best friend in the entire world and I will be forever grateful for our friendship.  
M, Allie and I in Destin, FL a million years ago
Dear Marco, Tomorrow we are taking the Jeep up the PCH, something you have wanted to do for awhile now.  I can't wait for our little adventure.  

Source: via Vanessa on Pinterest

Dear Self, You have pretty big plans.  Stop procrastinating and get to it!  Good things come to those who work hard for what they want!  I need to pound this in my head.

Dear Mom, I can't wait for the luncheon you are throwing when I am home.  Hanging out with the most influential women in my life sounds like the perfect afternoon.  Thank you!  
I just thought the table was pretty. Mom, I don't hold you to these standards;)
Source: via Kelly on Pinterest
Dear Marco, Doug moves out here in 10 days!  Can you believe it? I can't wait to see what kind of magic happens on paper.
Marco and his best friends


Thursday, July 12, 2012

I left my heart in San Diego

I love spending a long weekend every July in San Diego!  It is such a treat for us to come down here and enjoy the amazing weather and city.

Or first day is pretty straight forward, Yard House for lunch, check in at hotel and off to Coronado!  We scored this year with our hotel, the Marriott Gas Lamp via Priceline.   The hotel is right by Petco Park and overlooks the water.  We stayed on the 21st floor with a view into the stadium, Coronado Bridge and the Convention Center.  The Padres were playing both nights-an added bonus. 

 My first trip to CA was to Coronado Island when I was 12 and I fell in love.  This is such a special spot!  Marco and I can’t wait until we can rent one of the cabanas with friends for the weekend.  Once the sun set we headed to Miguel’s for Mexican.  They are one of the ONLY restaurants out here that has cheese dip.  I was in hog heaven!  After stuffing our faces and drinking margaritas we headed back to the hotel and were off to bed.

Friday morning we headed to Old Town.  I love that it feels like you are in Mexico.  They have tile galore which makes me smile.  {I am totally my mother’s daughter on this one}.  We stopped for an early lunch which consisted of more Mexican and margaritas at Fred’s.  They have the best patio area and Marco would say the best margarita’s too.  After lunch we headed back to the Gas Lamp district to walk around. 

For dinner we headed to Oceanaire.  It was amazing!!  We sat next to Renee Russo who was in town a week early for Comi-Con and saw a couple get engaged!  We had such a great time drinking champagne and eating seafood.  It was the perfect way to spend my birthday weekend!

Anyone who knows me well will laugh at this picture.  Why? I'll save it for another post.
Saturday morning we packed up and headed back to LA.  It was a wonderful trip and I can’t wait until next year.