Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What I am Loving: Baby Addition

I am loving that I can finally share some exciting news with you!  Our LA besties, C & D are expecting their first child on December 27.  This is the life changing news I saw writing about here and here .  I am over the moon happy for them and think they will make one cute looking baby! 

The happy couple before making the announcement to our LA family.

When they told us 8 weeks ago, I was a little bit shocked to say the least-which I feel bad about.  I was afraid the dynamic with our friendship would change.  It has, but I understand it.  Life changes. People change.  It doesn’t mean I don’t care about them or don’t want to spend time with them because I do.  They are two of the most important people to me.  

I LOVE this picture!  C telling me she is starting to show!!!

{I am not knocking anyone’s choice to have a baby.  If anything this has put my life into perspective about the decisions MG and I have made.  I will be forever grateful.  We are thrilled to be apart of this child’s life and can’t wait to spoil him or her rotten.  I can’t wait to be Auntie B!}

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Make a Wish


Yep, you heard right.  My parents share the same birthday, but they are 2 years apart.  And something that is really bizarre is when they were pregnant with me, my due date was JUNE 28th too!  I was 10 days late.  My mom said that I had to hold out for my own day because I don't like to share.  She is right.  I love birthdays and I want the day to myself.  Not going to lie.  

My family in GA already celebrated this past weekend.  MG and I are celebrating with them next week while they are visiting.  Birthday overload, I love it!
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Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!  Yes folks I did say Happy Monday!  This morning I jumped out of bed ready to start the day. I think it is because I knot there is a 3 day weekend lurking around the corner which makes me very happy!

MG and I had a fabulous weekend hanging out, shopping, going out for a friends bday party, working out and lounging on our patio.  We think June Gloom is over which also makes me very happy!

Last night we christensen our patio with our first dinner of summer.  It was heavenly-steak, baked potatoes, green beans and wine-pretty much my favorite meal.  I love that this will become part of our regular routine!

Today, MG and I received some sad news.  One of his friends from college, Austin, has been diagnosed with testicular cancer.  He is 25.  In order to have the operation he needs to raise $10,000 to $30,000 by the time he goes into surgery later this summer.  I am asking for your prayers.  For more information go to  
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Friday, June 24, 2011

32 before 32

I love a good To Do List!  There is something about crossing the item off once it is complete that makes me a little happy inside.  

Here I mentioned I was putting together a list of  things I want to experience/complete/enjoy before I turn 32.  Why 32?  Well that is the mutual age MG and I agreed when we will start having kids {another post, another time}.  Although I know not everything goes according to plan, this is what we are aiming for.  I have 5 years to complete my list so let's get his party started!

32 before 32
Live by the beach {within 2 miles}

Spend my bday & future bdays in San Diego

Spend a week at Pawley's Island with my parents and in-laws
As a kid I spent my summers here. It was such a magical place. I can't wait to go back one day. 

Run a 5K

Run a 10K

Run a Half Marathon

Run a Marathon

Own a Dog

Own a hybrid or convertible

Walk the Red Carpet

See DMB at the Hollywood Bowl

Graffiti a Wall

Sing Karaoke 
Completed 6/17/11 for a friends bday party

Learn to Cook

Find the Perfect Wine & Champagne

Read 12 books per year

See Fleetwood Mac in Concert

Find the Perfect Pillows for our couch {I am so indecisive about them!}

Feel like a local at our favorite Mexican place

Make working out feel like a need, not a chore

Eat as organically as possible

Learn to master by work Blackberry-I don't know how to work the stupid thing!
Apple and Blackberry

San Francisco/Wine Country


Skiing in Colorado or Salt Lake City

NYE in Vegas

St. John's/St. Maartin


Santa Barbara Wine Tasting

European Vacation with my family

What is on your to do list?
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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Just Call Me Susie Homemaker!

I love Chevron print!  In fact I think I might be obsessed with it, but I think a house full of it might be a  little much.  Last year on Etsy I found black and white chevron curtain panels and fell in love.  Ask my sister-in-law-for the past year I have been talking about making them, but haven't until now.

I am not quite sure what came over me a few weeks ago, but I decided I had to find the fabric and make them.  I logged on to, found my fabric for about $7 per yard, measured, ordered and on Sunday went to town.

Using heat and bond, my iron, patients and the Bachelorette I finished the first panel in just under an hour.  The second one took about 45 minutes.  Honestly if I knew it was going to be this easy I would have done it a long time ago.  On Saturday we went to T@rget to get a curtain rod and clips.  The whole project cost me about $90 which I think is pretty great.

The fabric sprawled out between my entry way-family room-eating area.

Fold fabric, place heat and bond in the correct location and iron. Easy as pie!

Bedroom window before.  I hate vertical blinds!

MG helping me hang the rod.

Before with the window open

Our new curtains! 
I love them!  
They do close completely which is great so I don't have to see those awful vertical blinds anymore.

The curtains completely change the room.  I have found myself staring at them before I go to bed at night. Weirdo, I know ;)  Pictures taken from my iphone so I apologize for the bad quality.
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What I am Loving

I'm LOVING work this week!  The past few weeks have been a little crazy, but so far this week has been great!  

I'm LOVING that for the first time in a few months I am truly feeling that MG and I are on the right track.  He knows what he wants for The Ocean Black. I am happy with work.  For the past few months or so I have been working on my patients-I think it has helped!

I'm LOVING that I am getting back into running.  I took 6 weeks off {unintentionally}.  It feels so good!

I'm LOVING that I am becoming Susie Homemaker.  I made my chevron curtains this weekend and they look awesome.  {I am going to do a separate post later today or tomorrow :)}

I'm LOVING that CABO is 66 days away!! Paradise awaits us...

I'm LOVING a work event {store opening} MG and I went to last night.  Lots of clothes, fashion, cocktail and great conversation!

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

For some reason my scheduled post for Father's Day didn't post.  Oh well, here it is:)

Happy Father's Day Daddy!  
I am so thankful that you are MY dad.  I know I was a rough teenager and we didn't always see eye to eye, but look at us now.  You are one of my best friends.  I can always count on you no matter what I/Marco and I are goring through.  The answer is always "How can I help?" or "Yes!" which are the only words I need to hear to know everything is going to be okay.  I am proud to be your daughter and can't wait to see you in 2.5 weeks:) 

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Geniet Van Het Weekend!

Yay for Friday!  Another week has passed and I am already in weekend mode.  Just 3 more hours until the clock strikes 5 o'clock!

No big plans yet.  My fabric was delivered this morning so I will be attempting to make the curtains for our bedroom.  On Saturday night we are having a date night at Bottega Louies downtown.  Other than that it will be a chill weekend on the Westside which suites me just fine.

Any fun plans?!
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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What I am Loving

I'm loving...self-tanner!  After being pale for all my life I have decided to embrace the bottle.

I'm loving...LA Film Festival is this weekend at LA Live downtown.  There are a couple movies MG and I want to see, so hopefully we will get tickets.

I'm weekly phone dates with my SIL.  I love her so much.  I wish she didn't move back to GA :(
I'm parents will be here in 3 weeks for my bday weekend in San Diego!

I'm loving...working out.  After a long break MG and I picked up running again and it feels so good!

{Photo Credit}

I'm loving...decorating our apartment.  There are a few things left that I am on the hunt for.

{Photo Credit}
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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

An Afternoon Escape...

The number one beach spot in the world I want to have the pleasure of enjoying one day is the Maldives.  There is something about being in such a beautiful, secluded spot that overwhelms me with joy.

A few days ago I found out that my favorite hotel brand opened a new property, V!ceroy Maldives Resort & Spa.   I have yet to stay at an actually property due to the price involved.  They are so beautifully decorated by this woman {her hubby owns the hotel chain} it makes me want to move right in.

Take an afternoon break and just imagine yourself here...

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