Thursday, October 28, 2010

What a Whirlwind!

WOW, what a whirlwind the past 48 hours have been!  I don't think MAG or I could have planned this.  The Ocean Black has been on Facebook for less than 2 days.  The responses that we have received have been great.  The ultimate goal was to get it on a big time movie blog.  I had put together a list of about 20 or so.  MAG emailed them and only got one response from early yesterday.  To us this is the ultimate Hollywood movie blog!  MAG and his friends read it daily. 

Last night at about 11 PM, MAG gets a phone call, but we are talking in the other room so lets it go to voicemail.  Then he gets 2 texts.  He leaves and I hear "OMG!" and the door bursts open to MAG jumping up and down.  He yells, "I am on JoBlo!" I start screaming and we both run to the computer, pull it up and there it is.  The second story down: Cool Videos: Family Flees Zombies in Creepy The Ocean Black.


Needless today we are on Cloud Nine today.  Last night seems so surreal!  This was the #1 blog MAG wanted and he got it in less than 24 hours.  How proud I am doesn't even begin to explain what I am feeling.  At this point I feel the sky is the limit!!!!

As a side note, I was a guest blogger today over at Life with a Lab.  Check out Lauren and her cute little Dixon monster:)

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Days 13-17: 30 Day Blog Challenge

I have been MIA for a couple days.  MAG and I spent a long weekend in Arizona visiting my mom and some friends.  About once a year my mom visits my grandfather so we always drive over and meet her.  It has become a nice little tradition.  I am planning on doing a recap once I get my pictures uploaded.

Day 13: Goals

To be a mother when the time is right {2 or 3 kids, at least 1 adopted}.

To help MAG get his short made into a feature.

To lose 20 pounds and keep it off.

To move up the corporate ladder in a timely manner.

To be able to travel the world one day.

Day 14: A Picture I Love

This is MAG with his cast and crew after The Ocean Black wrapped!

Day 15: Bible Verse

"The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want." The 23rd Psalm

Day 16: My Dream House

On the Venice Canal in Venice Beach

Mediterranean/Spanish Style

3 or 4 bedrooms

Stainless steel appliances in the kitchen

Media Room

Nice patio/deck area

Day 17: Something You're Looking Forward To

The rest of this year is kind of like a blur!  What I am most looking forward to is going home for Thanksgiving.  It will be great to see my family and friends.  I can't wait to catch up with everyone and just hang out at my parents house.  


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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Ocean Black

I have been waiting months and months to shout from the rooftops about The Ocean Black.  Last December MAG came to me and told me he was sick of working his editing job and wanted to make a movie.  After lots and lots of discussions on story, budget, shooting dates, shot list, craft services, insurance, locations, building the elevator, cast and crew, on March 6 & 7th The Ocean Black came to life.  It was a whirlwind 2 days, but totally worth it. 

I want to personally thank the entire cast and crew who worked so hard on this film for free.  Without your hard work and dedication this would not have been possible.  We can't wait for the feature;)
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Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 12: 30 Day Blog Challenge

What do you Believe?

I believe that every weekend should be 3 days.

I believe a Saturday night at home with friends is better than a night out at the bars.  {I don't think my landlord would agree with this!}

I believe birthdays should last all month!

I believe anything is possible.

I believe friends are family you choose.

I believe hopes and dreams are what makes life worth living.

I believe gchat, Facebook, and Google Reader make the work day bearable.

I believe smiling and being friendly can get you want you want most of the time.

I believe that my calling in life is to be a wife and mother.  Part one down:)

I believe in MAG for working so hard at making all our dreams come true.  We are so close.  The victory is going to be so sweet!
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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 11: 30 Day Blog Challenge

Just a heads up, I will be blogging a lot the next few days in the blog challenge because I am getting ready to go out of town this weekend.  I would rather be ahead than behind.  So here we go...

Day 11: Favorite TV Shows

I am a TV freak!  I should be putting all those TV hours in at the gym instead ;)  Here is my method.  TiVo and waking up early on Saturday and Sunday.  I have to be at work M-F at 7:30 AM so sleeping in to me on the weekends is 8 or 8:30 AM.  Yes, it sucks.  MAG and I only have one TV too so we have to share.  Truth be told, he is very good at letting me watch my shows when he is around.  Yet another reason why I love him!
Shows I Watch by Myself

Shows MAG and I Watch Together

And last but not least, my favorite show right now that I am completely OBSESSED with is...FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS!  If you don't watch this show you must.  It is available on Netflix instant.  There is some great eye candy as well!

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Day 10: Something you are Afraid of

I am afraid of Tornado's.  When I was in Kindergarten I was almost killed by one, well a Microburst actually.  It was 2am on a Saturday night and I was asleep in my bed.  For some reason I woke up and looked out the window, the sky was orange.  I thought this was really weird so I yelled out for my mom.  My mom was in nursing my newborn sister, Kristie.  My mom yelled for my dad to come and get me.  At that moment it sounded like a freight train went through my backyard.  I started screaming. My dad came in and swooped me up.  As my mom, Kristie, my dad, and I ran down stairs to the basement, our kitchen was flooded because the French Doors blew open.  Once we got to the basement my mom realized Rebecca was still up stairs.  My dad ran back up to get her.  She was waiting at the top of the stairs in a daze calling for my dad. 

Once the storm was over we went up to my room and there was a Pine Tree in my bed! Yep!  When the freight train sound happened it snapped the tree in half and it landed in my bed.  If my dad had been 20 seconds late picking me up out of bed I would have been dead!  I guess this was my near death experience.  Needless to say my house was the talk of the neighborhood for weeks and I had an awesome story to share at show and tell the next week.

Since living on the west coast we don't have to deal with tornadoes, but we have earthquakes.  I have felt about 5 in two years.  They aren't that bad, you just don't how long they are going to last or if it is going to be the "Big One."
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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I get by with a little help from my Friends:)

Day 9: Picture of you and your Friends

I am so blessed to have the friends that I do.  They are all one of a kind, genuine people.  Growing up I was never the girl who had a ton of friends, but the ones that I did have I valued 100%. 

This is a picture of ATJ and COG on my 26th birthday this year.  ATJ threw me the most fabulous bday.  {Yes, that is mean girls in the background!}  I look forward getting together with these ladies every week to watch Real Housewives of Whatever or The Bachelor.  {Sidenote: ATJ is my sister-in-law.  We were instant friends as soon as MAG and I started dating.  She is like a sister to me:)}


Melissa and I have been friends since 4th grade.  We grew up down the street from one another.  It is crazy because since I moved across the country it seems like we have become closer thanks to gchat!  Mel is my crazy friend and you never know what is going to come out of her mouth.  I think it is fitting because you never know what is going to come out of mine either.  This picture is of us on NYE 2007 at the Intercontential Hotel Atlanta.  {Sidenote: Her blog was also redesigned by Blue Lux!}

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Blog Makeover

My good friend, Lauren with Blue Lux, redesigned my blog!  I am totally in love with it.  It is exactly what I have wanted for a long time.  I am kind of obsessed with Navy Blue Zig Zags and anything Johnathan Adler.  I think this is a good combination of both.  What do y'all think?!
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Monday, October 18, 2010

Steamboat Springs, CO

Day 7: A Place I've Traveled To

I love to travel, but unfortunately don't do it that often. Two weeks paid vacation really cramp my style:(  Typically when MAG and I take long vacations they are typically home.  MAG and I have been to Mexico a hand full of times, Florida more times that I can count and South Carolina, specifically Pawley's Island and Charleston {two of my favorite places}.
One of my favorite trips that we went on was to Steamboat Springs, CO.  MAG's parents took us skiing for a week after Christmas about 4 years ago.  We had an amazing time despite MAG coming down with the flu.  I made the best of it learning to ski and making a fool of myself.  Our evenings were spent snuggling by the fire, drinking hot coco and talking about the day.  We haven't been skiing since, but I can't wait to go back.  Here are a few pics from the trip.

The view from our condo.

MAG and I on the lift.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lights, Camera, Action

Day 7: Favorite Movies

This is a funny one for me.  I actually prefer TV shows over movies.  Movies are such a big part of my life because of MAG.  He has taught me everything I know about them mainly because we just finished his short {more on that later}.  Another reason why I don't love movies is because I don't have the attention span.  If I had to pick my favorites they would be the following:

The Negotiator 
{Honestly, I am not sure why I love this movie so much, but I do.}

Mean Girls


The Notebook

Bad Boys 2

The Holiday

Garden State

Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Picture that Makes you Happy!

Day 6

Okay, okay, I know this is just a picture of boxes.  When Marco and I moved to LA in October 2008 we packed up my 2-door Honda Accord with whatever we could fit and made our way west.  Our reasoning behind this is because my sister in law and her fiance were supposed to move out 3 months later with our stuff.  He was being transferred and his company was going to pay for the moving expenses.  MAG and I thought we hit the jackpot because we were saving a ton of $$$.  The "plan" didn't go as planned! {stupid economy}.  A year and a half later they showed up with our stuff {01/10}.  It was like Christmas!  When we moved out here we bought a couch and coffee table.  Slept on a blowup mattress for months, then finally graduated to a mattress on the floor.  Needless to say it was an experience.  I am so happy that we have all our wedding gifts, DVDs and furniture!

Rebecca & Kristie

Day 5: Siblings

I am the oldest of 3 girls {poor dad, we know}.  Meet Rebecca (23) and Kristie (21), my lovely, adorable sisters!

 at Ketchup on Sunset

This past spring they came to visit me.  It was their first time to LA and I wanted to make it perfect.  We had the best time shopping at the Grove & Rodeo, stopping at Sprinkles Cupcakes, driving up the PCH, and eating at my dads favorite restaurant, Barney's Beanery.  I am so thankful they had the opportunity to come and visit.  It was defiantly one of the highlights of the year.

 at the Grove for Shopping and Lunch

 outside Barney's 
 brunch at World Cafe in Santa Monica

the closest point to the Hollywood sign!

Growing up we had our issues, but now things are different.  We are adults {might not always act like it} and love one another dearly.  Girls I love you and can't wait to hang out in Alpharetta for Thanksgiving!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy Friday!

One of my co-workers sent this to me this morning. I thought it was cute enough to share!  Any fun plans for the weekend?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Parents

Day 4: My Parents

Words can't even begin to explain how thankful I am for my parents.  They are truly two of the most important people in my life.  I admire them so much because when they got married 30+ years ago in Arizona they moved to Alpharetta, GA.  They left everyone they knew for something different.  It is the exactly same thing that MAG and I did.  Their love and support for us has been unreal.  I know I can count of them for anything and they are always willing to listen.  As I have gotten older they have become of my best friends. 

Mom & Dad, one day we will be able to repay for you all the love and support you have given MAG and I over the years.  You are the best parents and in-laws we could ask for.  I can't wait for the day for us to buy you a cute little beach house at Pawley's Island and us come visit with your grand kids.  One day, I promise!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day 2 & 3

Day 2: Meaning behind your Blog Name

A few summers ago my parents took MAG and I to Laguna Beach for our college graduation.  We visited with friends on their boat in Dana Point.  The boat docked next to theirs was named True Britt.  My mom said that would be the perfect name for my blog since most of the time I am a little too truthful.  It stuck. Every once in a while we head down to the OC and I take my picture with the boat.

Day 3: Your First Love

This is the easiest question ever, MAG, of course!  Never did I think that I would meet the love of my life at 14 years old.  I can honestly say he knows me better than anyone.  After 11 years together, including 4 years long distance, I can't imagine being on this life journey with anyone else.  We are perfectly made for one another. MAG, I love you!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 1

My good friend, Lauren, joined up with Katie for a 30 day blogging challenge.  I thought this would be a great way for me to get back in the swing of blogging again.  Here we go...

Day 1: Introduce, Recent Picture and 15 Facts

My name is Brit, hence the blog name.  I am a 26 year old married woman living in LA while supporting her husband, MAG, with his directing career!

MAG and I in Brentwood at friends birthday dinner.  This will probably be our Christmas card this year too!

1. I was born and raised in Alpharetta, Georgia.  I am a southern girl at heart, but love living in LA!
2. MAG and I met in high school and have been together ever since. 
3. I am the oldest of 3 girls.
4. My best friend, C, is also married to someone in the entertainment business.  I think that is why we are best friends, we get what each other is going through.
5. I work in the Fashion business for one of the top companies in LA as an assistant to the Director of Operations for Design.  Never in a million years did I think I would work in the business.  
6. I went to school for Hospitality at Georgia State University.  My dream was to work as an Event Planner.
7. One of my life's goal is to be a mother.  I want 3 kids.  We want to have one naturally and adopt the other 2.  I hope in 8 year we will start trying!
8. I am an open book. You can ask me anything and I will give you an answer.
9. I don't believe in being "Politically Correct." I believe you should speak your mind, but also be ready for the possible backlash that could incur.  
10. Sarcasm is one of my favorite qualities in people.
11. Jonathan Adler is one of my favorite designers.  I wish my whole apartment could be decorated with his accessories. 
12. We live 3 miles away from the Pacific Ocean.
13. My favorite color is Navy Blue.
14. One day I hope to live on the Venice Canals.  We already have our home picked out.
15. I love my life and wouldn't change it for anything.  Well maybe one thing, move into a place where we can get a Puggle.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Louis Vuitton Monograms-Need It!

Today I was visiting Elements of Style and came across this post from a couple of weeks ago.  Needless to say I fell in love. 
The running joke with MAG and I is once he gets his first big check he will buy me a purse.  I have had my heart set on this Gucci, but now that LV is monogramming handbags I think this would be the perfect bag for this southern belle living in LA!  What would be your color combo?  Mine, orange and navy in the Speedy 35.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wedding Wednesday - Etsy Style

I love, like really LOVE weddings!  I still read wedding blogs (maybe a little lame, but I don't care).  Two years ago MAG and I tied the knot on September 27.  It was one of the most perfect days of my life.  I wish I could relive that day all the time with a few changes here and there.

Etsy is might be one of the most unique websites.  Each Wednesday I am going to feature what I think would be great wedding gifts to give and/or get.  My first pick is from Silhoutte Blue Large Print 4-Ever.  I found this on Etsy's daily email they send out.  As soon as I saw it I knew I have it.  If you are getting married soon don't be surprised if you get this as a from the MBG's!

 We have it in chartreuse.  Each color is amazing especially peacock and beet.  Would you rather have something like this or a gift off your registry?

Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall Must Have Boots

I must have these boots ASAP.  I have them in gray and love them, but the natural color is amazing. 
What is your must have fall item?

My Dream Home

Its official, I am a stalker of this house.  I am kind of obsessed with it.  I want it to be mine!

A few months ago MAG went over to his editor’s house, he lives a block away from the Venice Canals.  MAG thought the area was awesome.  That weekend he took me down there, we walked around and I fell in love. 

Some of my family members think that I am crazy for looking a house when we are in no financial situation to buy one, especially one that is $1.6 million.  The way I look at it is MAG and I have made LA our home.  We will live here until we retire.  We have no desire to move back to Atlanta or the South in general for many reasons, which is another post for another time.  Homes in the Santa Monica/Brentwood/Venice area are expensive.  We wouldn’t be able to find anything less than $1 M and that is in this economy!  So while we are waiting for MAG’s big break and/or my amazing promotion we will stick to apartment living.  It isn’t so bad, but I want this house.  A girl can dream, right?

(Please note: I am a BIG DREAMER! It is good to have dreams right?!)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

iPad Obsessed

MAG works for a media company. He edits workout videos. He hates it but the job gives him flexibility to work on other projects. Well last week he brought home a iPad. Needless to say I am now obsessed with this thing! I am writing this post on it right now. It has completely changed how and when I go on the computer. The biggest drawback is that it doesn't support flash or the OSX operating system. Hopefully that will change with the next couple versions. MAG and I are going to by a new Apple desktop early next year since our G4 is on it's last leg. We have both agreed that we will be getting the desktop and iPad together. Crazy enough it is cheaper for us to get the two together than the new Macbook pro. I can't wait to have one of these in my pretty little hands:)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Another Try...

Hi! This is my second round at blogging. I started 2 years ago for my friends and family in Atlanta as my hubs and I journeyed out to LA-LA Land. A few months ago I decided to stop blogging because I felt I didn't have anything interesting to say. Well I am back! I have missed it and can't wait to get started. So here we go...

A few things about name is Britt (hence the title). I am a very opinionated, passionate person from the South. Sometimes, well actually a lot of times, my opinions and outspokenness get me in trouble. I am a very sarcastic person and love to tease-I take after my dad. Two years ago I married the love of my life, MAG. We are so perfect for one another. He knows me better than anyone and vice versa. We share the same crazy goals and can't wait to see what our life has in store for us. We live in Santa Monica and are kind of obsessed with living on the westside. I work for a large fashion company and MAG is an aspiring director (more on this later). Overall I am a 26 year old woman who is enjoying life and learning that not everything has to be planned.