Friday, August 26, 2011



This is exactly how I feel today.  Woo-hoo! It's the weekend!
Today has been crazy and I am very jittery.
We sold MG's car this morning.  This is music to my ears! No more Craigslist phone calls!
Last nights our besties C+D came over which is always a great time.  C looks so cute with her little belly.  I can't wait to meet the little guy in there in December.
I only worked out twice this week:(  I have really started focusing on my eating habbits and it is showing.  I am wearing my skinny jeans today.  Go me!
Tomorrow we are heading here.  Yep, I am pretty much out of this world excited! CANNOT WAIT!

Have a great weekend lovelies!
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Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Girl Can Never Have Enough Shoes

This past weekend MG and I headed to the Century City mall to exchange a couple items for our big trip!  While we were I had to stop in J.Crew {of course} to see if there was anything I needed to pick up just in case;) I fell in love with way too many pairs of shoes.  Why do they have to cost $200+?! aggravating!

Valentina printed patent pumps

Valentina pumps

Biella high-heel loafers

Mona suede pumps

Mona leather pumps

Pia calf hair pumps

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What I'm Loving

It is that time of the week again for What I'm Loving Wednesday!  Let's get this party started...

I am sister in law, A.  Some days well most days I don't know what I would do without her.  Even though we are 2200+ miles away I know she is always a phone call away.  It seems like we have gotten closer since she moved away.  I think it is because we know how valuable we are in each others lives.  Her and her hubby are building a new house which will be done when we come home for Christmas! I can't wait to see it.  She has such an eye for style.  It is going to be fabulous, I just know it!

I am loving...the weather for Cabo.  It looks gloriously amazing and by amazing I mean HOT!  One of the perks of living in SoCal is the weather, but we don't really have seasons.  70 year round is amazing, but not amazing enough to spend your weekends at the beach.  A little too chilly.

I am loving...having a plan in life and with The Ocean Black.  This little old film has consumed most of our time since moving here.  I am excited for what the future holds.  The best piece of advice MG received from just about everyone in film school was to make your own project and we are on our way.  This makes me a very, very, very happy wife!

This made me laugh:)
I am loving...having a fantastic marriage.  Anyone who tells you marriage is easy is lying or hasn't been married long enough.  It is hard weaving two lives together, but it is so worth it.  You just have to figure our what works for you.  It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.
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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Farewell Bar Method

Today is my last Bar Method class :(  I knew this day would come eventually, I just never knew how much I would be sad about it.  It is a little too expensive on my pocketbook therefore I am headed back to the gym and beach for my runs.
This is my running route, right under the palm trees. Pure bliss!

When I first started I was awful.  My name was being called during every move "square your shoulders," " tuck your seat," "straight leg." Each time I could see and feel my body getting stronger.  When I didn't think I could do 30 more tucks while in a water ski position I pushed through it.  I have come to realize my abs are stronger than I thought they were which gives me even more motivation to get rid of the layer of belly fat.  My legs feel leaner, I sit up straighter and feel good about the way my body is starting to look.  Obviously this makes me very happy!

During the 30 day package I managed to go 20 times.  If you are thinking about trying BM and dropping weight I would recommend alternating days with cardio.  I only ran once in the 30 days.  I know I am going to regret this tomorrow for sure when I hop on the treadmill.

Today when I stepped on the scale I had lost a total of 4 pounds using BM with eating around 1500 calories per day.  During this past month I have come to realize I don't need to eat as much as I used to and when I do it enjoy it.  For the past 6 weeks I have been counting calories.  Some people don't believe in this or don't want to be a slave to it, but I enjoy seeing what I put in my mouth.  Weird? Maybe.  This method helps me plan to make better decisions for that day or week.

Overall today is bittersweet.  This is the first program I have completed and seen results.  It keeps me motivated for my next goal: long distance running.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

I just don't get it?!

To be honest, I am not a Kim Kardashian fan {but I will say she has great style}.  I don't understand her appeal {apart from the fashion aspect}.  Yes, she is a pretty face who has capitalized on making many millions and millions of dollars by following the Paris Hilton formula.  {Side note: Who else is glad PH isn't in the spotlight anymore?}

I just don't get it.  The main reason she began popping up on gossip sites was because of her sex tape and now her wedding is being coined as the American Royal Wedding?! This just bothers me.  Actually whatever I have heard about her wedding has bothered me {which isn't much}.  400+ guest at the ceremony and reception, does that seem tacky to anyone else?  To me it just too much.  What do you think?  Maybe I am crazy.

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Being an Assistant

Never in a million years did I think I would be an assistant when I went to college.  Little did I know what was in store for me 5 years after I graduated college?  I am an assistant, but not just any type of assistant, I have the title as Executive Assistant.{Please note the sarcastic tone}.

When I started off at my current company I was a receptionist.  MG and I had just moved from GA to LA and I needed a job desperately.  Was it what I wanted to do? Nope, but it was a foot in the door and I took it.  I made a good impression on the owners & HR and after 2 years of answering the phones, dealing with samples/vendors and other random acts HR said they had the perfect position for me, an EA.  At first I was less than thrilled, I think we have all seen The Devil Wears Prada!

Here I am 9 months into it and I couldn't be more happy with my professional career.  My boss is amazing in every sense of the word.  He believes in work-life balance, takes MG and I to Lakers games, sends me flowers for my bday and he trusts me.  We have built such a great relationship and I am so thankful I took the position. Yesterday the Director of HR called me and said she had taken a vote on who has the best job in the company and I won because of who I work for.  What a complement!
I don't ALWAYS feel this way, but most days I do think that I am pretty lucky!
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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

White Girl Problems

I go to an Aveda training salon for highlights/low lights and trims.  I have been going their for 3 years and been happy.  I have never been one to pay a lot for my hair so this was the perfect solution.  Well my friends, the time has come that I cut ties with my salon with good reason.  They ruined my hair.

I thought I was in good hands.  I rarely have the same stylist twice because they are students and I always request one at the senior level.  My first red flag should have been the fact that my stylist and another student were socializing the entire time my colored was being applied.  When it was time to rinse she insisted she apply a toner.  Typically I hate the way toner makes my hair look because they always match it to my brown hair {which I don't get highlighted}.  I let her do it-my mistake.  We get back to the chair and she starts to comb my hair to a middle part.  On one side of my part it is completely bleached out (the foils bled) and the other side has 2 predominate highlights.  I begin to freak out.  An instructor comes over, drys my hair and tells me 9 foils bled and they are going to have to recolor the areas.  I agree because I want my hair to look good.  Another hour in the chair, wash, trim and blow dry and I am ready to walk out the door livid.  I feel like I paid $ for them to ruin my hair!  It has been a week and I am still so unhappy.  Seriously I was up until past midnight thinking about my stupid hair.  I must go to a salon this weekend so I can feel like myself again, blond!

This is what I want my hair to look like, I mean this is who I want to look like ;)
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Monday, August 15, 2011

Lazy Weekend I Miss You

I love lazy, no real plan weekends.  Even though nothing gets accomplished it is nice to just be at home and chill.  

Friday night I came home and immediately headed to my closet.  For weeks I had been procrastinating on cleaning out my closet, but I just couldn’t take it any more.  I have too many clothes-gasp! I know.  But for real I have a ton.  When I was at my previous position at my company I made friends with the VP of Buying and she gave me bags upon bags of clothes.  One time I walked out with 10 winter coats which retail at $250+.  Spoiled-yes!  The downside of free clothes is not having a place to put everything and being constantly overwhelmed.  Friday night I put an end to this and finally cleaned out my closet.  Half the pile has been donated to Goodwill and the other half will be sent to my sisters.  They have no idea this big box is coming!
A girl can dream for a closet like this, right?

Saturday night we saw The Help.  It was soooo good!  I was bawling at the end.  It was such an emotional story.  I thought the director did an amazing job capturing the true essence and feel of the book.  The casting director did an unbelievable job.  Minny and Mrs. Foote were cast perfectly and Brice Dallas Howard was the ultimate mean girl.  She played it so well.  If I had a nanny growing up I would want it to be Abileen {Viola Davis} hands down.  Emma Stone was great.  She is such a great talent in Hollywood. I am glad she is  getting plenty of roles.

Sunday I slept in, stayed in my PJ’s until 3 PM and then we ventured to the mall and grocery store.  Trader Joe’s is my new favorite place.  We have always shopped there a little bit, but not done our full shopping there.  Times have changed.  It is now our main grocery store.  I am obsessed.  
This is pretty much my favorite thing there.  It taste like candy!

How was your weekend?! Did you do anything fun?

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday! Friday! Friday!

It's Friday! Woo-hoo! Does this week seem long to anyone else?  It was a long week for me-ugh-but we are at the home stretch.  Only about 6.5 hours left and then it is the weekend.

In College out and about in Atlanta

Last night I had a long over due conversation with my sister-in-law, A.  She is the one who lived in LA and then moved to GA about 5 months ago.  We are super, super close.  We caught up on life.  Her and her hubs are in the process of buying/building a house.  She is super talented in the decorating department, so I can't wait to see what they come up with.  She gave me a hint and said they are doing and all white kitchen, which is so them.  There new place is going to be perfect!  I can't wait to see it finished in December when we go home for Christmas.  There will be lots of champagne flowing for sure.

After our long conversation I was not in the mood to workout, but I had already signed up for a BM class. It was too late to cancel, so I went. Boy am I glad I did.  This was my first time taking this particular teacher and she was awesome!!  Since I have been going to often the classes were become repetitive, but she spiced it up.  So happy with myself for going.

I didn't want to wake up this morning.  It was super hard getting out of bed this morning, but when I hopped in the car NSYNC's I Want You Back was playing.  Pretty much the best NSYNC song of all time besides their Christmas album.  So here I am at work, ready for whatever the day has in store and hoping that these next 6 hours go by fast.  I am ready to start my weekend people!

One last company named a pair of jeans after me...I guess I am kind of a big deal around here ;)
Introducing The Kennedy + The Brittney
No, there not really named after me, but still pretty cool!
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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Blunt, Sarcastic, Honest

I have a confession.  

I feel like I have been holding back on ya'll and showing you who I really am.  

I was looking back on some posts that I had saved and never published.  They are blunt, very sarcastic and honest.  I didn't feel comfortable publishing them because I don't want to offend anyone.  

Yesterday I was driving home thinking about this little blog.  I was thinking that I am a very out spoken person in real life, but when it comes to putting certain ideas or opinions on the web it scares me.  

Starting today I am going to be honest with myself and ya'll and write what I want to write about.  It is my blog anyways, I can do what I wanna do{this is taken from a movie, but not sure which one}.

#retro #blunt
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Monday, August 8, 2011

Always Too Short...

Hi Lovelies!  I hope you had an awesome weekend.  As always {insert annoyed face here} it went by just a little too fast for my liking.  My weekend started out with Bar Method.  I have been 10 times in 2 weeks and love it.  Since I started I have lost a total of 4 lbs!  Woo-hoo! I am pretty proud of myself.

After hitting the gym on Saturday we headed up to the outlet malls to pick up a couple things from J.Crew.  I got a pink dress and adorable gray skirt.  I guess I was just channeling my post from Thursday.  We also headed to Kate Spade.  MG's mom loves her some KS!  We scored there to say the least.  I found a coral necklace {which I can't find a picture of}.  It retailed for $148 and we got it for $14!  Score!  I love when I find the perfect gift for someone.  Another Christmas gift crossed off the list.

Later that night we saw Friends with Benefits.  I loved it.  I thought Mila and JT were cast perfectly.  It made me want to visit NYC badly {where it takes place} or own his fathers home off the PCH-either one will do.

Sunday I headed to Bar Method first thing so we could go out for brunch later.  There is this diner/cafe walking distance from our place called Deloris'.  I have always been a little iffy about it, but they serve breakfast all day so we thought we would check it out.  It was AMAZING! There waffles were to die for.  Whatever batter they use is delicious.  I think this might be our new brunch spot.

After brunch I had to take a nap.  It felt amazing-I rarely nap, although I would be a firm supporter of implementing nap time at the work place.  Later that afternoon we ran errands and ended the night watching Three Kings.

Overall it was a great weekend with just Marco and I.  He loves his Jeep more than ever and is so proud of it.  It is really cute, in my opinion.  I am just counting down the days until our vacation.  I seriously check TripAdvisor everyday for new reviews.

How was your weekend?!
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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pink & Gray

I have a new obsession: Pink & Gray!  If I were to get married again these would totally be our wedding colors.  Revlon has the best pink (Candy) and gray (Hazy) nail polish colors too.  They are so complementary.  Since I am not getting married or renewing my vows anytime soon I will dream of owning a home where I can incorporate these colors one day...

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What I am Loving

I'm LOVING this afternoon we get to pick up MG's new car!  It is crazy how everything works out.  We bought at 2001 Jeep Cherokee with less than 85K miles on it.  It is in pristine condition, gray with tinted windows and a tape deck!  Yep, no CD player.  Pretty much identical to the one above.

I'm LOVING how sore my body is today.  Yesterday's BM class was a real workout.  In 6 classes I am starting to notice a difference in my arms, stomach and a little bit in my legs.  I also have to credit my decent eating habits.

I'm LOVING my obnoxious nail polish color.  It is bright pink with rainbow glitter.  Not sure why I added the glitter, I guess I wanted to feel like barbie or Ke$ha.

I'm LOVING/hating J Crew right now.  They are always sending me email on new arrivals/sales and I want everything.  Seriously how cool would it be to get a new wardrobe every season.

I'm LOVING that we have started shopping for Christmas this year.  We started last week actually.  Every year when Christmas comes around it is such a rush to get gifts, wrap and send them.  This year we are going to take our time and find the perfect gift for each person on our list.  I already have a spreadsheet going...typical!

I'm LOVING that I made an appointment to get my hair highlighted and trimmed next week.  It needs it bad! Even MG told me I need to do something.  You know it is bad when the hubs notices! (Just kidding with the picture below;)

What are you loving today?!

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